Monday, May 6, 2013

Let the Games Begin

As some of you may have read, Ronnie is in for a tuneup (and if you didn't read it, you may have gathered it by the lack of postings). It's no secret that Ronnie and I don't dread hospital stays. Before Mckenna was born, we used to treat them like a "vacation" of sorts - filling the time with all sorts of fun traditions. Things are a little different now that Mckenna is in our lives. I no longer stay in the hospital with Ronnie, so for the 2-3 weeks, he is in Tucson and Mckenna and I are in Phoenix (2 hours away). We visit, but any of you that have kids can relate, the room feels about 30 times smaller and the hours 6 times longer. For a kid as active as Mckenna, a hospital room is exhausting to entertain her in, and the last thing Ronnie needs is to get run down while he already doesn't feel great and needs to rest. So we visit, but not much (unfortunately). The first hospital stay was AWFUL. Me, alone, with a 3 month old that wouldn't sleep...really, like I'd hold and nurse her all night, was AWFUL. She was just off the whole stay and it was awful. The next stay was a little better yet. Mckenna actually slept, sooo that was a plus. Then last hospital stay was AWESOME. My parents had moved back and Mckenna and I practically lived with them, all but a night or two here and there. 

So this hospital stay, I was actually looking forward to again. Mckenna loves her Nana and Papi and LOVES playing at their house. I took 2 days a week off so the amount I had to work was WAY down, and I have all sorts of fun activities planned. Each morning I will work and we will just play at the house, and then after Mckenna's first nap, we will go on an adventure to somewhere fun. So far we've been the to zoo (not a new adventure for her, as we've been going 1-2 times a week, but she LOVES it and we just hit the highlights) and to a little aquarium. The aquarium wasn't that great, but she kept talking about the fish, so I think it was memorable at least. My parents also have a pool, so Mckenna is becoming quite the fish herself, which is fun.

Obviously I would prefer to have Ronnie home with us, be at our own house, etc, but this is very much like a vacation - it's really fun, you look forward to it, and then, it's nice to be home. So we've been having a blast on vacation. I told Ronnie the other day that it's actually a little less work for me when he's in now because Nana and Papi do SO much, I mean, I don't make dinner, my mom folded my clean clothes yesterday, I work less, sounds like a sweet deal, right? Not to mention it's SO fun to watch Mckenna with my parents. They are so good to hear and she LOVES being with them. 

Some pictures from the weekend: