Friday, May 10, 2013

...The Fun Continues

Mckenna and I have continued to fill our days with fun. Each day we have continued to do some fun adventure. Monday we went to the railroad park for our afternoon adventure. It's this fun park where you can ride a train, look at trains, and ride a carousel (I'm not sure how a carousel fits the theme, but she was into it). The first train video shows Mckenna BALLING because she was startled by the horn...but I missed her being startled and just got the aftermath. The second video was me doing what any (twisted) mom would do. We sat and had lunch looking at the train. And I knew the train would blow its horn before its next run. So I grabbed my camera to make sure I caught the fear on film. One day she will be glad I got it on video, right? Regardless, Ronnie continues to watch it over and over and laugh out loud, so it was worth the footage :) You'll notice in the carousel video, she's not totally sure she likes it and wants to be in the safety of the wagon across the way!
Mckenna being brave...when it wasn't moving

Semi-enjoying the ride after she stopped crying

Tuesday we went to the zoo. Mckenna loves the zoo, and it's familiar. So it was a good way to get out, but not wear her out too badly, and keep her from getting to overwhelmed. I don't have any pictures though because, well, we probably have too many from the zoo already!

And then Wednesday our afternoon adventure was going to see Ronnie. It's a bit of a drive (2:15 from my parents' house), so I drove during her first nap, we hung out for 4 hours between naps, and I drove again during her second nap. It was a lot of time in the car, but we weren't sure how she'd do visiting him (and by how she'd do, I mean, how exhausting it would be for us to entertain her in a 15 by 15 box). Well she did great. She loved it. She had fun in his room exploring, but she REALLY loved walking the halls like the Mayor of UMC. She was little miss meet and greet. "Hi!" "Doctor" "Hi" "Man" "HI" "Woman" "Hi" "Bye bye" "Hi" "Hi" "Doctor"....she said enthusiastically the whole like we would walk the halls. It took everything in her little body to keep her movement to just a walk, as she reallllly wanted to get to run all over, but we wouldn't let her. We brought her down to the new children's hospital where she played with all the toys, activities, etc (see pictures/videos).

 Enjoying the interactive wall with daddy at the hospital.

All in all, it's been a good week. We both miss Ronnie, but we are filling the time with fun. In my opinion, Mckenna's thoughts about hospital stays are already being shaped, and I will stop at nothing to make her love and appreciate them as much as we do.