Saturday, September 27, 2014

IVF Update: Day 3 Update

Just a quick one to update on the progress...

But before I do, I'll start by saying that we can't thank you enough for all the prayers. They are really felt, and it is so evident that God's hand is all over this process!

Our embryologist, Drew, called yesterday afternoon with our day 3 update. Right now we are sitting at 14 that are 6-8 cell embryos like he likes to see on day 3. The other 7 are sitting at 2-4 cells. This means 14 look really good, and 7 are behind (they could catch up, but likely won't). This is exactly what is expected on day 3, and we could not be more thrilled. It's actually the best we've looked on day 3...and Drew said this is the best he's seen from us at this stage in the game. Praise God!

Ronnie and I are both feeling good. Ronnie's little incident Wednesday night was nothing a little GoLytely couldn't cure, and he's back up to par after a long night and morning on the throne. I am feeling really good for what I usually feel on day 3. Still a little discomfort when I bend/move or have pressure on my stomach, but all of the constant sharp cramping is gone. I still look about 4 months pregnant, but hey, that's what yoga pants and baggy shirts are for, right?

As of now, we are game on for Sunday at 11am! Come on babies, mommy's tummy is ready for you!

Prayer Requests:
- Pray for embryos that they continue to do well and that we have a handful of good ones on day 5.
- Pray for my body to continue to heal, so I feel 100% in the next couple days
- Pray that my body is ready to have two babies implant and stick around
- Pray that the 2 embryos that will implant and hang around grow in a way that Drew (our embryologist) instantly knows they're the two he should pick to put back Sunday. Make it clear as day in his heart and mind.

Thanks again for all the prayers. It means the world to have your loving support and to know that our awesome God is hearing from so many on our behalf.