Tuesday, September 23, 2014

IVF Update: Moving Right Along

Things are moving along swimmingly. Sunday night we did my trigger shot. Yesterday I had an ultrasound to double check that all looked good. My lining is perfect and my ovaries look about as full as can be!  I then had a blood draw to check my Estradiol levels. We got a call that they are in the 3000s, which is high, but similar to what they were with Mckenna, and lower than they were for the pregnancy we miscarried. I was nervous they'd be too high, but they are exactly where they'd expect for the number of follicles I have, so we are all systems a go.

Ronnie, poor guy, had his TESA last night (Monday). I think this one hurt a little more than the previous two, and unfortunately seems to continue to hurt more than the other two. But he, of course, is a champ...and currently devouring several pounds of Long John Silvers (his post-TESA reward after each one...he hasn't had it any other time in our married life! Ha!) Some ice, rest, and good food should have him back up to snuff in no time.

I go in today (Tuesday morning) for my retrieval. I am a little nervous, but mainly just excited. The recovery after our first retrieval wasn't awesome, but the second two weren't bad at all. So I'm hopeful that the recovery will be like the last two and not the first one. Time will tell, and whatever the recovery looks like is so well worth it in the long run!

After that, we get updates on day 1, 3 and 5 to hear how we are looking in terms of embryos. And as the plan stands now, the transfer will be Sunday, day 5.

Prayer Requests:
- They find great sperm from Ronnie's fresh sample and the frozen sample from his last one they are also using.
- Ronnie's recovery is quick, and he's back to the gym in the next couple days.
- My retrieval goes well, and they retrieval a ton of great quality eggs.
- My recovery is easy and smooth, with little to no signs of OHSS.
- God guides the embryologist's hands in creating the embryos.
- Great updates on Day 1, 3 and 5

Thank you so, so much for the prayers. Our God is awesome in power!