Monday, October 6, 2014

IVF Update: The Non-Update Update

We kind of went dark there. Sorry! I've been trying to relax as much as possible, but Ronnie's been swamped with work, so it's been a balancing act. Anyhoo, it has left very little time for updating. Also, there hasn't been anything to update. We are stuck in the horrible "two week wait," as it's referred to.

Our blood draw (they call it a "beta test") is tomorrow to see if our little beans stuck or not. They draw my blood in the morning and call a few (LONG) hours later with a number. That number in and of itself if kind of be honest. As long as it's above a certain value (all clinics are different with the value they like), our clinic just says "see you at 6.5 weeks for an ultrasound." If it's on the low side, they'll have you do another draw or two to make sure it's double at the proper pace. The value just tells you that something implanted. So we won't know how many until a first ultrasound. For us, having a few early losses, having a positive beta will be thrilling, but we will reserve some excitement until we see a heartbeat (or two) at 6.5 weeks..because we know all too well that there are a lot of hurdles after this first beta.

Anyways...soooo in less than 24 hours we should know what it's looking like in there....and I CANNOT WAIT!

Prayer Requests
- The next 24 hours are filled with peace...and fly by.
- Our little beans implanted and our beta comes back POSITIVE!
- Peace for any outcome!