Thursday, October 9, 2014

IVF Update: An Unfortunate Turn

This is a blog that is really difficult to write, but we wanted to update. We ended up having our second blood draw today, instead of tomorrow (because I am a nut, and I wanted an update sooner). Unfortunately, we got news that wasn't good.

My second number was 39, down from 42.5.

For those of you who have never been through the process of watching your hcg levels in pregnancy, my levels should be doubling every 48-72 hours. So the numbers should have been doubled, or close to that. Any shift downward is usually a sign that a miscarriage is likely.

They are having me stay on all meds and redrawing it on Monday. We are praying that a miracle will happen, but preparing for the worst.

This is obviously heartbreaking news for our family. I am feeling pretty devastated and confused. And honestly, angry. I wish I knew why we keep going through this. I'm just so tired. And it feels like we not just have another mountain to climb. But through all the confusion, I know one thing, our God is always good, and His plan is perfect. So we truck on.

Coincidently, Mckenna has requested this song on repeat over the last couple days...and it's perfectly fitting for today:

Prayer Requests:
- God works a miracle and the numbers were a fluke...and are back up on Monday and the pregnancy will continue.

But, for also:
- Peace throughout the next couple days as we wait for another draw.
- Thank God for getting us to this point and for blessing us with getting pregnant as well as with frozen embryos for the future.
- Thank God for Mckenna.