Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy (Belated) Easter

He is risen!!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter. Saturday we celebrated with my family. My parents and Josh and Chrissy came over, and we celebrated be eating entirely way too much food, hunting for eggs, and enjoying each others' company. Sunday we went to church and then headed to Ronnie's cousins' house for more food, hunting, and good company.

But in the midst of all the fun, I couldn't help but stop and reflect.

Usually Easter is a celebration of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, giving us our salvation and ability to be in relationship with Him!

While I celebrated Jesus dying for me, I also rejoiced in the fact that He rose again. HE ROSE AGAIN. He died and overcame death. This stuck with me, but for a reason different than typically celebrated on Easter. I found myself stuck on the fact that He actually overcame death. That fact is something that I don't sit and really think about often. If He could overcome death then why do I worry about anything in my life? We often talk about how big our God is, and how He can do anything. But it doesn't stop me from worrying about different things in our lives. But why? I serve a God who isn't even conquered by death. Certainly all my little worries and problems are smaller than DEATH.

I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by awe and appreciation. I kept feeling so blessed that God provided this baby boy for us. He did what only He could do. Only He is responsible for creating life. I have found myself with several reasons to worry throughout our pregnancy, as we have had a few hiccups. But why? He overcame death. He can do anything! I found myself thankful that He healed the subchorionic bleed. I found myself prayerful, begging Him to also resolve the complete placenta previa. I always know in my mind and heart that he can do those things, but rarely do I stop to really appreciate the fact that He truly can because it is nothing to Him. It is like asking me to take a breath or blink my eyes. I don't have to think twice to do those things, they come easily. I just do them because I do them every day, all day long. Solving my little issues are that easy for Him. And I felt convicted yesterday that I don't truly believe that all day every day, like I know should. Instead I let worry creep in. I felt thankful that He is not only all powerful in theory, but in practice!

So happy resurrection day!! Rejoice that Jesus conquered death and live remembering He is all powerful in our lives.