Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poop Happens...

6:00am: ...and if you're named Jezzabel and you're my puppy, it happens three times on our walk this morning. Just to answer your question mom, no, I did not have three bags with me so there are two random piles of turd in the people's yard. Sorry to whoever's yard she left her surprise in this morning. It certainly wasn't planned ans I'm not sure what got into her. She must of had some bad Mexican food last night. Anyway, besides the constant pooping, the walk was pretty flawless.I tried some different shoes this morning (Nike's instead of New Balance) and they seemed to do the trick. My shin splints didn't burn and my left foot only hurt slightly. The Nike's feel like they have more arch support and I like that. The only problem with the Nike's is they are a little small, especially on my right foot. Me thinks that my right foot is a half a size bigger than my left foot. To me though it makes sense to have your walking shoes be a little tight for that extra support. Am I wrong there?

I worked up more mucus than usual this morning, but it ended up being clear by the middle of my walk. Do any of you other CFers experience that out there? Does your mucus start out dark in the morning and then clear up (in color) throughout the day? Let me know. I wasn't coughing so much today that I felt like I was going to throw up, but the mucus was coming up pretty easily and at times just made it's way to the back of my throat. I think this new nebulizer compressor I got is really getting the Pulmozyme deep into my lungs. So far I'm very impressed by it and it has cut down on my treatment time.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 36'56" (beat yesterday's time!)

Side Note: Warning TMI ahead....Ok so I warned you. When I woke up this morning I had a BM (poop) before I had my morning coffee, which is very rare. I find that coffee in the morning keeps me pretty regular and everything flowing. Well, during my walk, I think I caught the poo poo bug from J Bell cause I almost had to cut the loop short due to me having to go again. Two times before breakfast? Not bad!

10:30am: I headed to the gym to work on arms. I've felt real well so far today and that trend continued at the gym. I didn't feel so sluggish as I have in past day and I just felt "lighter on my feet". Maybe it was the time of the day or the fact that I haven't had a full day of eating food. Who knows. I felt very strong today and it showed on all of my lifts. I was able to increase the weight or reps on every exercise. I also decided to run for 2 minutes between every set. On my first 2 minute run I discovered something that I had not known before.While I was running on the treadmill I heard these random beeps in my ear buds once in a while and then those beeps turned into an alien spacecraft kind of noise. I had no clue what was going on. I wasn't sure if my iPod was breaking or I downloaded a crazy awesome remix of the song I was listening to. The noises stopped during my next lift which at the time I found very strange. When the communication from the UFO warcraft started again as I was running, a light popped on in my head (which is rare). Apparently, the Nike's that I have on are iPod compatible. That had to be it I thought. So when I was done with the 2 minutes I took off my shoe and took out the insert and sure enough, there was a little orange iPod transmitter thing. The only reason I knew what it was because a buddy of mine had the iPod compatible shoes.

I'm not sure why it makes all of those crazy noises and I haven't downloaded any type of program to my iPod. Maybe it's trying to connect with some frequency that gets transmitted? I have no clue. I just know it stopped when I took the little orange thingy out of my shoe. And by the way, the Nike's feel much better to run in. My left foot still hurt a little bit, but it was much better than yesterday.

That's not the best news though. The best news would be that my lungs gave me no trouble whatsoever on my short runs. When I first ran between sets last week, I definitely would start to get winded towards the end. Not today though. I could have pushed it longer, but I want to take it easy on my foot where the situation allows. Let's just hope this increase in lung health continues. Current Weight: 186lbs.

Total Distance: .65 miles

5:15pm: Houston, we have a problem. So I officially couldn't take it anymore and I had to pull up short on my walk/run tonight. Mandi saw that I was limping pretty bad and basically said no more running for me until I get new shoes. I agreed and we decided to just walk one mile and then come up with a plan. We had a "date" over at my cousin's house tonight for a little, what they call, "Soup and Survivor". They make homemade soup, we show up and eat it, and we watch Survivor. It's a great way to hang with family and get fed some awesome meals. Two of my favorite things under one roof? I'll take it!

We had enough time after my cousin's house to stop by the Sports Authority and check out what they had. Usually I bargain and comparison shop, but I had no time to do that. I didn't want to miss even one day of walking/running due to my bad feet. I ended up getting a pair of Brooks that were on sale and I also bought some inserts for arch support. Let's hope that these do the trick and I'm ready to kick some butt tomorrow.

Total Distance: 1 mile Time: 18'36"

Total Distance Run/Walk for Day: 3.75 miles