Friday, April 3, 2009

Switching It Up

7:00am: I had to sleep in a little bit this morning. I've been dragging a little bit during the last couple of days, so I wanted to give my body some extra rest. I was able to get in bed by 10pm last night and slept through the night with the exception of adjusting my o2 cord a couple of times (or unraveling it off my forehead). I definitely felt more refreshed this morning than I have for a while.

First thing I did this morning was cough up a, what felt like, golf ball sized glob of goo. It was pretty thinned out, which was nice, but it was also yellow in color. It looks like Pulmozyme is doing it's job, now TOBI just need to step it up and kill whatever little infection is going on. My lung pain is gone and they really feel open this morning. I also changed up the routine for today just to keep my body guessing. I woke up, ate, did my treatments, and then went for a walk. I'm a big believer in your body getting used to something and then just going into auto pilot. I don't want that to happen. I always want my body, and my lungs, to be working hard and pushing through tough situations. I'm sure there is no evidence that this is an effective strategy, but if I believe it, it must be so...right?

I can tell you that it may just be a coincidence or this change really did do something this morning. I coughed up a ton of crap before I even got to my walk. It didn't feel like that little surface crap either, it felt like it was coming from way down deep. Stuff that's been sitting there for a while just waiting for the opportune time to show it's ugly slimey face. I think only fellow CFers know the feeling of relief after getting up that much garbage. At least for me, my lungs feel more open, they feel lighter, and it feels like I can take in deeper breaths.

9:30am: The temperature difference between 6am and 9am is quite amazing. Not only could I tell by the sweat pouring off of my body, but also because there were times that J Bell's tongue was hanging 9 inches out of her mouth. I decided to go a little longer than usual on my morning walk since I got to sleep in this morning.

On my walk, I was still bringing up some stuff. It wasn't as much as earlier and it was clear. I walked at a pretty fast pace and tried to keep Jezzabel from stopping to sniff, poop, or pee every 4 feet. My left foot hurt in the beginning of the walk, but was completely pain free by the time I was half way done. My feet and lungs were feeling so good in fact, that I ended up running a stretch of about .2 miles! I'll have to go back and see exactly how long it was, but I'm guessing that I'm pretty close. I felt REALLY good during the run and recovered faster than I normally do. Maybe I'll start to gain some distance faster than I originally thought I would.

Total Distance: 3.0 miles Time: 48'38"

5:00pm: Mandi and I walked to the gym today to sneak in some extra mileage on our legs. We weren't able to get another run/walk in because we were short on time. A big group of us friends were getting together to watch a movie. We actually picked the 7:05pm showing because we're a bunch of old geezers...ok, well just I am, but I need to get to bed early. Anyway, the gym was good and I added a couple more lifts today. I was sweating like crazy again. Me sweating like a pig might have something to do with starting vitamin C and Super Omega oils the other day. Ever since I started with them, I get soaking wet whenever I work out or run. I think it's a good thing though, it makes me feel like I'm working extra hard. I was able to add weight or reps to almost every lift today and overall I felt really strong. It was nice to have Mandi there to yell at me too. I think her getting in my face and telling me that I'm a poor excuse for a man really helps....just kidding.

Total Distance: .8 miles

Total Distance Run/Walked for Day: 3.8 miles

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Amanda said...

I always do my nebulizers and vest before exercising. Really seems to help me clear out my lungs while exercising.

Glad you were able to run so far without stopping. :) said...

I definitely do think it helps with exercise as well...the other way to look at it is that exercise opens up your lung for a very affective treatment.

Thanks for the support! Check out how far I ran yesterday!