Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's With This Lung Pain?

6:00am: So like an idiot last night, I didn't get to bed at my normal time, so I was super dragging this morning. I went to my cousin's house last night to watch LOST and eat some homemade soup, but by the time I got home and did all of my treatments, it was 11:30pm. I never thought I'd say this, but 11:30 is late for me. I remember the good ol' days when I wouldn't think about going to bed before midnight. Oh when I was young.

I added TOBI to my treatment schedule this month, so I need to take that into account as far as time for treatments goes. I'd say that TOBI adds at least 20 minutes to treatment time. I better adjust accordingly cause I can't take many more nights of hitting the sack past 11pm. I slept like a rock, don't get me wrong, I just think it's a time issue.

My lungs have been a little sore the last couple days. And by couple, I mean yesterday and today. I started TOBI yesterday, I wonder if there is any correlation. I also started bleaching my nebs for the first time ever yesterday, can that cause lung pain? It's that kind of dull pain all over that becomes a sharp pain once in a while at a specific location. I don't really notice it more when doing certain activities, so I don't think it's muscular. But who knows, it could be from all of the coughing or from my lungs opening up more.

On the walk this morning, my legs felt really good. I was able to keep up a fast pace, with the exception of J Bell taking 3 dumps. I just don't get it. Why doesn't she just let it all fly in one big pile. Any dog whisperers out there know why she would want to hold it? Or can dogs get IBS? All I know is she slows down my pace, so she better get it straightened out with her doggy doctor. I wouldn't want to leave her behind. But I will do what I have to do in order to beat the clock. If you're reading this Jezzabel, I'm serious, get it down to one poop pronto!

My legs felt stellar this lungs? Well, I was coughing constantly for at least the first .2 miles. Good news: I brought up a ton of either yellow or clear stuff. Bad news: I was desperately trying not to barf up my coffee while tears were rolling down my cheeks. I guess that's not really "bad news", it's pretty much just par for the course. I cough with such power that I have to expect to get those other reactions from my body. The other option would be to not cough. That however would be suicide. If I'm not coughing, I'm dying. And if I'm dying, then I'm....well, I guess it would have to end there.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 35'56"

3:00pm: I've felt really tired the last two days and going to the gym was not something I was looking forward to. Especially because it was leg and shoulder day AND I was adding a lift to each muscle group. Man, it sounded tiring. And, it was. I was yawning and just felt like I was really dragging. I did however shorten my rest periods in between reps, so I was sweating like a pig. Overall, I got a decent workout in. I didn't get the "pump" I'm used to getting, but I guess I can't expect to have that every time. Sometimes you just have off days and I think today was that day for me.

I was able to increase the weight for a couple of my lifts, but most of them stayed at the same weight. Like an idiot, I added squats to my leg day and I am now paying for it. When I was done squatting, I would have sworn that my butt got detached from the top of my hamstrings. It felt like I tore something near the bottom of my butt. I of course didn't, it's just another example of how out of shape I am. I will say though, if I keep the squats up, I may have a booty by the summertime. Can anyone say man thong? Current Weight: 189 lbs.

6:00pm: Mandi and I took it easy on our walk today. We were planning on getting a run/walk in, but we got caught up in conversation and my feet started to give me problems. I'm thinking my feet will be fine for a run tomorrow but who knows. I really have to look into getting a street bike. That way, I could still get some really good cardio even if my feet are giving me problems.

Mandi and I mostly talked about our frustrations with the insurance issue. She feels a lot of pressure to get a job with good benefits if we're thinking long term. I just want her to be happy and work at a job she enjoys. I've been calling around and finding out what our options are, and they seem to get worse with every phone call I make. I will say though, Mandi has been a trooper throughout this whole process and has really gone above and beyond of what any girlfriend should be doing. I literally could not have a better lady. Plain and simple.

Total Distance: 3.0 miles Time: 58'36"

Total Distance Walked for Day: 5.1 miles

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CFlover said...

Dont know how true it is but M's doctor told us to never ever bleach his nebs.
I am super OCD and bleach everything except them lol..I just boil his for 10 mins and then put them in this little sterlization kit we have.
Hope you feel better ASAPage =) said...

Yeah, I'm not sure where the lung pain came from. The CFF says that you can bleach the nebs, but who knows. It's amazing how many opinions can come about from one illness. I just went out and bought an electric kettle, so I'm going to start to boil them also.

Where did you buy the sterlization kit?

Thanks for the good wishes!


Julie said...

Thanks for the comment on my post. It's really good to hear the perspective of an adult CFer.

Seamus loves looking at the blogs with pictures of kids with CF. I think I'm going to start showing him the adult blogs so he'll know that CF kids grow up and are happy adults too.

Good luck with your running. You have a great attitude and are a great role model for kids like my son.