Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The CF Swallow

6:00am: Another good night of sleep in Ronnieville! I can only remember waking up once due to the oxygen blowing in my eye, so that ain't bad at all!!! My lungs also felt pretty good and I only had one BIG OL' cough this morning that got that night junk up and out. At that point on I only coughed up small amounts of very light yellow or clear stuff. I was coughing quite a bit on the walk due to a slight tickle in my throat. That led to something I like to call the "CF Swallow". I would cough, cough, cough and then swallow to make sure nothing from my stomach made it out of my mouth. I'm guessing that I can't be the only one who has mastered the CF Swallow. I mean, I have it down. It gets to the point where I'll rapidly swallow about 5 times in a row to insure there won't be a blow out. I also get this feeling where I say to myself, "If you cough ONE more time, it's all over". That's when I really concentrate on not coughing for a good 15 seconds or so. So tell me fellow CFers, am I the only one????

The walk itself went well. I took out my shoe inserts to see if that made any difference with my feet. It did. It basically just made my left foot hurt in a different way. I won't know if it was a good or bad thing until later in the day though. It felt like my arch was being super stretched length wise. It hurt and felt good at the same time. As I sit here typing this, my foot is definitely sore. Today at the gym I'll do some cardio since I won't be doing any later due to my Bible study. I'll update you guys on how that goes. Let's all hope for a positive report (fingers crossed).

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 39'44"

11:30am: Headed off to the gym to work out my chest and back knowing that I had to motor through it. I had a meeting with a friend concerning a new CF project that I wanted to run by him and get his opinion on. So at the gym I really had to focus. I couldn't take long breaks between sets and I always had to be moving. Mission accomplished. I worked up a huge sweat and got a REALLY good work out in. I could see some people giving me "that look" cause I was breathing so hard and loud. Whoops, sorry guys...and gals. I really like the new workout routine that I am doing. It's very fluid and can go quickly if need be. I also feel like I worked super hard at the end of each session. Current Weight: 186 lbs.

Total Distance Walked for Day: 2.1 miles

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Katelyn said...

The CF Swallow - that's funny. I did that as I was working out this morning. You are not alone Ronnie.

OceanDesert said...

Ronnie, was just wondering if you do a treatment b/f or after your morning walks? I remember that I couldn't get very far at all in the mornings w/o a treatment...

btw, would love to know your shoulder workout... been wanting to work on that area as well... I do the shoulder equip. at the gym, and do free weights, but don't feel like I have a good "system" down to focus on the ol' shoulders.

RunSickboyRun.com said...

I almost always do my treatments AFTER my walk. The walk make me cough a lot more than my treatments do and it gives me a good opportunity to clear a bunch of the garbage out.

I'll email you in regards to the shoulder workout!