Sunday, May 3, 2009

Running Late

4:30pm: So as you see, nothing was done in the way of exercise until 4:30 today! I "overslept" until 8:30am this morning and it threw off my whole schedule. I was rushing to get out the door for church (which I of course was then early for) and I had no time to take Jezzy for her morning walk. After church, Mandi and I did our normal routine of Dunkin Donuts and then back to the house for a little relaxing. By the time 4pm rolled around I was all relaxed out, so we decided to go to the gym. We did a new arm routine that absolutely kicked both of our butts. Even as I type this my arms don't feel like they're attached to the rest of my body. It was a great workout though and I'm really looking forward to what changes this new workout could bring. Current Weight: 186 lbs.

8:30pm: There's no way that a day could be complete without taking J Bell for her walk. I decided though to only do 1 mile cause my foot was already hurting and my stomach was full from dinner. The last thing I wanted to do was lose my feast all over the sidewalk. So I took it easy and Jeezy fo Sheezy just had to deal with the short walk. I'm starting to get a bit frustrated with my foot, so this week I'm going to try my best to figure out a solution. I don't know if I need new shoes, new inserts, or what, but I know that something has to change. My whole goal in all of this was to run one mile straight, that will be a little tough until I figure out how to run on both feet.

Total Distance: 1.0 mile

Total Distance Walked for Day: 1.0 mile

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that you are frustrated...I know you have been working hard, have made some very good progress and are disappointed that your feet are an impediment. We know that your feet are an impediment if we break it down... (prefix-"im" means not/root- "pedi" means to walk or feet/ suffix-"ment" is a state or condition). Diagnosis-A state or condition where your feet do not work, yep, they are definitely an impediment!!!!! As a bit of encouragement from the senior Melin woman...I know Mandi's favorite line is "Remember, your body is a machine like any other and it adapts to the stress you put on it." but she is young and still relatively resilient!
Continuing with "Miss Robocop"'s analogy I would say that a machine does not always adapt...
Parts break due to bad designs, material flaws, unexpected loads, and a host of other reasons that are often complicated and not fully understood. But getting to the root cause of a failure is critical if you want to avoid repeating the same mistake.
There are several guiding principles in failure analysis. Assuming the material is sound, parts often fail prematurely because applied loads exceed those expected for normal operation.
Shock and impulse loads are often overlooked. Estimating applied kinetic energy is relatively straightforward but does not automatically provide the crucial impact force, which depends on impact duration.
My suggestion...take it easy on the sore body parts and appreciate that you are training for a "marathon" not a "sprint". :=)

Amanda said...

Since your feet are hurting, have you considered other types of aerobic exercise that don't put as much stress on them? What about bicycling or swimming? Or maybe an elliptical machine when you're at the gym? Just food for thought...