Friday, May 8, 2009

Mucus Machine

6:00am: So I thought about changing it up a little and heading to the gym in the morning to do some cardio....uhhhh, yeah, that wasn't going to happen this morning. I was still feeling the affects from my butt whooping yesterday so I decided not to get crazy. It was just going to have to be the good ol' 2.1 mile dog walk. Also, I didn't want to upset Jezzabel. She still wasn't over our fight last night over who the best acting dog of all time. I say Benji (from all of the movies), she says the dog from Frasier. The thing is though, I never ever have watched Frasier, so how in the world does she know that the dog acts well in that show? I'd love for you guys to help settle the debate though: Who's better Benji or Eddie(I looked it up) the dog from Frasier?

Anyways, the walk this morning went really well. I was an absolute mucus machine! I could not stop coughing the stuff up. It just kept on coming and coming. It was mostly clear or milky white in color, but there was a lot of it. I think it was a positive residual effect from yesterday's workout! My lungs felt great from the time that I woke up to the time that I sat down to type this out. I had slight foot pain in my left foot that I think was due to the elliptical, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it's been from the running.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 38'17"

1:00pm: I headed to the gym today looking forward to another day of my new routine. It was chest and back day, which is right up there with arm day in terms of my favorite. I don't like it quite as much as arm day, but you know what they say, "Curls for the girls!". Or maybe I'm the only one that says that and of course I'm only doing them for ONE girl (I know you like that save Mandi). I went non-stop again at the gym today and hardly took a break in between my sets. The only rest I would get was when I would switch out the dumbbells for heavier ones. I was sweating like an absolute mad man. It felt spectacular.

After finishing my chest and back routine, I headed to the elliptical. I wanted to beat my distance from yesterday. And that's exactly what I did! My foot hurt a little while doing it, but I pushed through that to finish at 1.7 miles. That would be exactly .2 more than yesterday. I was also coughing a lot while doing it and I know I was freaking out the people next to me. By a lot, I guess I mean like one time a minute, so before you say it, ok, it was not A LOT. It just felt that way cause every time I would let one go about 6 heads whipped around and gave me that, "I wonder if he has swine flu" look. Current Weight: 185 lbs

Total Distance: 1.7 miles

Total Distance Walked for Day: 3.8 miles