Saturday, May 9, 2009

Changed the Routine Up...

7:00am:...and it didn't work. This morning I decided to do my treatments before my walk (to give Mandi time to get a run in and get her butt over here) and it definitely did not pay off. Like I've said before, the vest and the nebulized meds just don't make me cough like exercise does. Also, when I was breathing in my albuterol/atro and Pulmozyme, it felt like the med wasn't getting deep down into my lungs like usual. I didn't feel nearly as open as I usually do after my walk. So I'll have to make a note: ALWAYS do the morning walk BEFORE my morning treatments. Alright, that settles that.

Mandi finally got here and we took off for J Bell's walk. We decided to only do a mile cause one, it was hot, and two, we were going to head straight to the gym after the walk. Also, my foot was still a little sore from the past couple of days and I didn't want to push it if I didn't have to. We talked about possibly doing another mile walk later on tonight. We'll see how the rest of the day goes. I didn't cough up as much crap as I used to coughing up in the morning. I think it's because my lungs didn't feel as challenged as they usually do by walking before my treatments. The albuterol opened my up enough that I didn't put the normal stress on the ol' airbags. One reason I love walking first thing in the morning is because of all of the mucus clearance I'm able to do. So again, treatment AFTER the walk is what work's for me best.

Total Distance: 1.1 miles

9:00am: We headed to the gym with the intention of turning our arm workout into a cardio one as well. We accomplished this by rotating through bi's and tri's and never taking a break. For example, we would do one set of reverse grip pull-ups and then immediately do one set of dips, and then back to pull-ups etc. We each had our own station as well, so we literally had no break in between sets. By the end of the workout my arms were deader than dead, and if you have any scientific background, you know that that's pretty dead. We both worked up a good sweat and it had me huffing and puffing the whole time at the gym. While I did forearms, Mandi did abs. I'm not sure how or why she did cause my abs still feel torn from two days ago. They are in such pain that I find myself holding back on my cough (which we all know is no good). If they recover by tonight though, I really wouldn't mind getting in a set or two.

Update: We got caught up at a graduation party and it is late...I need sleepy. No abs for me.

Total Distance Walked for Day: 1.1 miles

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Natalia Ritchie said...

Ronnie, I saw your poll about our favourite or most effective method of physio therapy....and you forgot a really important one...ACB. Active Cycle Breathing!!
Hope you got that sleep you craved!