Sunday, June 28, 2009

A (1.7 million dollar) House Hunting Sunday

My Sunday started out like every other Sunday which is church and Dunkin Donuts. After church and DD we decided to do a little house hunting. Now, it's not really that I'm looking for a house right now, but if one fell into my lap that was a steal, I'd take it. The prices in Phoenix and in the surrounding valley are incredibly lower and I have a feeling will become even lower yet. The biggest reason we went on a house hunt today is because Mandi and I thoroughly love looking at homes and going into open houses. I find it very interesting when houses are staged and often times you can get great ideas on how to decorate your own home or which walls to paint what color and with what accent. Sorry, my HGTV spirit started to come out. We drove around a lot of Chandler weaving in and out of streets trying to get a feel for what type of homes are in the area. After many zigs and zags in Chandler we decided to switch it up a bit and head 40 miles north.

It's amazing how big Phoenix is. We drove 40 miles to the north of Chandler and were in city the whole time. We ended up looking at some custom homes outside of Phoenix that people ended up not finishing and were letting go at rock bottom prices. The only problem with the area that we were looking is even the nearest grocery store is quite a ways away. One thing that is very cool about the area though are the amazing mountain views, the wide open space, and the proximity to nearby lakes. We started to make our way back to Mandi's parents house by swinging through a "town" called Fountain Hills. We actually stopped about halfway through town and toured an open house. It had great views, but was a little outdated for my taste.

Before we went to Mandi's house we did stop at one more open house on the way. This one was in north Scottsdale in a gated community called Sierra Something or Other. The house was 6277 square feet with 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a theater, a gorgeous backyard, and about every upgrade you could imagine. It could all be yours for the new low low price of 1.7 million dollars. Here's the crazy part about that, it was recently reduced from 2.7 million dollars. To give you an idea of how impressive this house was though, it was rented out to Kid Rock for $10,ooo a week. VH1 rented it for 50,000 for two months to film the reality show Pick-up Artists 2. It was crazy cause I actually recognized certain parts of that house from the show. I was pretty awestruck my whole time in that house and I had one thing running through my head the whole time: If I bought that house, I would HAVE TO start an orphanage.

The day concluded with a trip to the gym. It was arm day and my arms felt pretty beat up after about two lifts. It was hard to push through at the gym today, but I'm very glad we did. I spent about 30 minutes trying to talk myself out of going until Mandi talked (twisted my arm) into biting the bullet and just going. It proved to be a good workout overall. I'm so lucky to have Mandi! Current Weight: 188 lbs.

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Denise said...

I like going through open houses, too. Especially when they have cookies out!! The big houses are so beautiful but I can't imagine what someone would do with all that space!