Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Answers About My Foot

11:00am: So my day didn't actually start at 11am today, but that was the first time that I left the house. I decided to sleep in this morning a bit (until 7am) and by the time I got up it was a little too toasty to walk outside. I was very excited to get to the foot doctor today and see if he could get everything figured out. I got some answers which I will do a full blog on tomorrow with pictures.

3:00pm: It was off to the gym for a little chest and back. I've been a little tired today so I knew it was going to be a challenge to push through my entire workout. Luckily, Mandi wasn't really in the mood to be at the gym, so we were able to be unhappy together while we lifted :) We managed (somehow) to do the full workout and it was actually a decent one. I was able to increase the weight on almost all of my lifts and felt much stronger than I thought I would. I also sweat probably 43 gallons of sweat into my shirt. I was absolutely soaked. It looked like I had entered a wet t-shirt contest in Cancun or something. One reason I was so sweaty was because Mandi and I decided to take very short breaks in between lifts so the "misery" wouldn't last so long today. We both just wanted to jet. Like I've said many times though, if you can stay committed on days like this, imagine how easy it will be on the other days? Current Weight: 187 lbs.

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Denise said...

Good job getting the workout in even when you didn't want to. I always feel so good after those workouts.