Monday, June 29, 2009

Is a Little Infection Coming My Way?

6:45am: So here's what stinks about Arizona (just a little bit), I got out the door to walk at around 7am and it felt like I was stepping into an oven. It was barely even the morning yet! What's going on people?! About .5 mile into my walk I could tell that J Bell was dragging and to be honest, I think I was as well. I turned back to the house to get back into the comfort of some A/C. I figure that I either need to start doing cardio at the gym or I need to get up earlier. Since getting up earlier is become less and less of a viable option, it looks like the gym is going to have to be the place for the cardio. Luckily, J Bell was happy with her little one mile walk and was pretty pooped from the heat when we got back home.

Total Distance: 1.0 mile

The rest of the day was kind of blah. I had some work issues that were weighing on me a little bit but I think that overall I was just a little worn down. I wouldn't be surprised if a little infection is brewing as well. I've looked a little flushed at different parts of the day and have felt like I was running a bit of a fever. I ended up ordering some inhaled TOBI from the pharmacy that I will pick up tomorrow in case anything is going on. I took it easy for the most part today, but I felt like I had to do something since my walk this morning was only 1 mile. That something was playing in Mandi's pool with her and her brother Josh for about 90 minutes.

We played just about every pool game I can think of. We saw who could hold their breath the longest and I won!...just kidding, I held it for 30 seconds and thought I was going to pass out :) We did Marco Polo, we did sharks and minnows, and we did some other games that they might have not even come up with names yet. Mandi and I did some pool dancing and we tried to do some cheerleader lifts. That didn't go so well, I'm a bit too weak. I did however get some great cardio workout in and was moving some stuff up my horsing around in the pool. Just as a side note: before my last hospitalization I didn't have the energy to do pool games. Mandi even made that comment as we were playing around. It's nice to hear and see real progress like that.

Side Note: I'm going to the foot doctor tomorrow! They're going to check me out and see if a specially made orthotic will help with my foot pain. I'm soooooo stoked!

Total Distance for Day: 1.0 mile

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OceanDesert said...

Yay for pool games!! Hope the TOBI helps you feel better!

ps- was Mandi a cheerleader?

pss- Good luck with the foot doc! said...

Mandi was not a cheerleader but she did dance for many many years (quite good actually)....also she played rugby in college. Crazy, I know!