Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Has It Been One Week in the Hospital Already??!!

One week down and who knows how many to go? Well, I do actually. If everything continues to go as planned, I know that just one more week is very doable. I took my PFT's (wondering what a PFT is? Click here) again today and they slightly derailed my plan...initially. Never thought that I could LOSE so much lung function my first week here!

Remember to check out my PFT video if you haven't already seen it!

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CFMama said...

Sorry that your PFT decrease, glad that you are not letting it get you down. You can do it!!

Kellee said...

Glad your sleeping through the night!! But sad your numbers have dropped so much =( I think you need more of the Mandi vest!!
I loved that video!! When Michael is complaining of doing his vest I say "Put it on or we can go the Kellee route"...He puts it on rather quickly after that.

Hope you continue to feel better!!

Ginger said...

Whew Ronnie you had me worried for a minute. Glad to hear that your pfts are at least staying stable and hopefully you will begin to see an increase soon. I know for me personally I usually don't see an increase until a few weeks or longer after I get done with my i.v.s. Last time I didn't even see an increase so that stinks.

I'm looking forward to seeing your pft history. I have some of mine and it was pretty cool to see that I did come back from some pretty nasty crap when I was younger.

I did think of one topic you might could address (if you haven't already--hope I didn't miss that one :)). How do you feel about natural cf "meds" like fizzy nac or curcumin (the list goes on and on)? I have read on other blogs and forums about people having great success with them but I am still a bit skeptical. Have you experimented with any of them? I would love to hear your feedback!

Keep up the good work in the hospital. I'll keep the prayers coming your way that you will begin to feel better soon! Ginger

Jess said...

Hey Ronnie. Glad you are sleeping through the night now. So happy to hear that you are so motivated! Keep up the great work and that positive attitude. You'll get those numbers back up there! I keep checking on you, great videos :)

Karla said...

Hi Ronnie,,
I think alot of people that have been blogging back may not had watch the WHOLE VIDEO....You had everybody scared in the beginning of the video talking about how low the PFT's dropped,,,, but at the end you said they made a mistake in your size..And then you gave the new #'s...
I'm really looking forward of seeing all your pass PFT's,,,that would is a great idea !!!!
Many Blessings coming your way,,,Thankyou,Karla

PS,,,send the history of your PFT'S through the blog,,,I havn't had time to figure the tweet thing out yet (sorry),,thanks

casey jones said...

Why wasn't I the first to watch this??? lol

Thats great that you kept a good positive outlook on those pft's even though they were wrong!
5% isn't that bad you can get that up easy! I have faith in ya!!!

Looking forward to seeing your older pft's and when I get my blog up, i'll be sure to put mine up too, although I only have the ones from when I was 5-8 and 15-to now because I moved when I was 8 and then moved back when I was 15, and the computer only holds the records for pft's 5 years at a time.

Good luck on future PFT's and continue to make up new ways to get that junk out and them lungs cleared... Like the man(di)ual method! my mom and sister do a similar method.. only without the vest, they both hit me as hard as they can at the same time! It works, but sometimes they enjoy it a little too much:)