Friday, October 9, 2009

The First Time I Was Told To Quit Running...

...while I was actually running. So this past week marked a couple of firsts in my life when it comes to running. I ran 3 miles. I ran one mile in under 10 minutes (first time since high school). And I was told to stop running by a, in my opinion, overly concerned yet sweet old lady. Let me set up the story before we get into the dialogue. Mandi has been pushing, sorry, encouraging me to try and run 3 miles for quite some time now. Granted, maybe it's only been a couple of weeks, but trust me, it feels longer (kidding, Mandi honey darling). I finally decided to cave in when Mandi told me that she would be going for a long run herself and that she was stepping up her training for the 1/2 marathon she's running in next month. She informed me that she was going to do 7 miles and then maybe push it further "depending on how she feels". Well, being the competitor that I am, I couldn't take that laying down. Not that Mandi and I compete against each other (not saying that we don't either), but we definitely push each other everyday to be better than we were the day before. So anyway, Mandi took off on her run and unbeknownst to her I decided to try the 3 mile loop.

I'm running along, feeling good and thinking to myself, "man, I'm going to kill it today". My breathing was doing really well, my legs felt good, my music was jammin', I didn't have a care in the world. After almost 1.25 miles I was thinking I might be able to push it to 4 miles! Just then, the uphill came and brought my little fantasy back down to earth. It was great while it lasted though. I was about half way through my uphill climb when I saw a car make a u-turn about 100 yards in front of me. That same car then pulls up along side of me and rolls down the window. The following conversation* took place...AS I WAS RUNNING!

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent


Sweet Lil' Old Lady: Excuse me...

Me: [Taking head phone out] Yes?

Sweet Lil' Old Lady: [With a "I'm lost" look on her face] You don't look so good.

Me: [Confused because I thought I would be giving directions] What???

Sweet Lil' Old Lady: You don't look very good, I mean, you're REALLY red.

Me: Oh, that's ok.

Sweet Lil' Old Lady: No seriously, you look bad [she says in a matter of fact kind of a way].

Me: Oh no, it's ok [still running, wondering how long this tug-o-words was going to go on].

Sweet Lil' Old Lady: You know I can take you wherever you are going. Why don't you just get in the car?

Me: [With a "Did this lady just ask me to get in her car WITHOUT offering candy?" face] This is how I get when I go for my runs...

Sweet Lil' Old Lady: Well you look really flush, I think you should walk.

Me: That's ok, it's just how I get.

Sweet Lil' Old Lady: Well, ok, but I really think you should think about walking, you're really flush!

Me: [Now feeling more short of breath because of the in-depth conversation I'm having with this sweet old lady who is obviously just concerned for my welfare, but has no idea that I'm going for a personal distance record] Ok. Well I appreciate it.

Sweet Lil' Old Lady: Ok [nervous giggle]. Good luck!

Me: Thanks! [Head phone back in]


Needless to say, it was quite an interesting experience. I'm very grateful that she was so concerned for one of her fellow citizens, but I just wish we could of had our debate at another time. My pace slowed down quite a bit after talking with her as I was trying to regain my breath and ease into a consistent breathing pattern. I did end up making it the whole 3 miles though and in the big picture, that's all that really matters. Plus, if that wouldn't of happened, I don't know what in the world I'd be writing about today!

So am I the only one? Have you ever been asked to stop running? Working out? Coughing? Jumping? Prancing? Dancing? Dipping? Dodging? Diving? Come on, give me something, please tell me that I'm not the only one!!!???