Thursday, October 8, 2009

CF Cyster Inspiration!!!

- I'm so thankful for my bloggy cyster Sara! She introduced me to the running plan that I recently completed and is also a huge inspiration for me. We're talking about a girl who ran in and completed a half-marathon within a handful of months of getting her transplant. You want to talk about "no excuses"? This girl is it. We've also been able to hang out socially (of course obeying the vaunted CF six foot rule) with her and her husband Mike and have had a great time together. Thank you Sara for all of the positive influence that you have brought into my life within the short time I have known you.

-I'm so thankful for my new running shoes. I've been able to give them some time to break in and so far, so good. My feet have not hurt AT ALL which is truly unbelievable to me. To go from the pain I was having to literally no pain has been such a huge blessing. It's allowed me to stay on track with my running schedule and has no doubt benefited my lungs. It's actually kind of funny how my shoes came about actually; I'll keep this short, I promise. I went in with Mandi last month or so to get her shoes. While in the store she convinced me to at least let them look at my feet and put me in a shoe (I hate spending money). She then convinced me to buy a shoe with the help of the salesman. I said "ok", but absolutely no Nike shoes (only because I've had a couple runners who I respect tell me to avoid Nike running shoes). I, of course, ended up with a pair of Nike running shoes which I love.
- I'm thankful that my step dad Mark is going to be able to fly back and see his dad for which may be the final time. My grandpa Andrew has lived what many would consider to be a great 90 years plus and has done much of it with a smile on his face. I'm thankful for all of my fond memories of him. Racing him at the age of twelve when he was in his 70's (and he won). Getting in a snowball fight with him in front of his house (he probably won that too). Sitting next to him and my grandma on the front porch of our house when they were out to visit from Iowa. Thanks for all of the great memories grandpa!