Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spread the CF Wealth (of Awareness)

First, I'd like to start with a little bit of blog updates and thingamajigs....

1. I would ask that you take a look at the new comment section under the post today, try it out and tell me what you think. I'm trying to spice things up a bit on this blog and I figure I would start with the comments section. Supposedly this platform allows you to connect with your profiles on other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and gives options not available on the standard blogspot comment section. If it stinks, it stinks; if it's good, it's good. So, please use it, comment and tell me what's up.

2. You'll notice that below each post are little icons of almost every social network on the planet. If you are familiar with them, I ask that you use them to promote anything Cystic Fibrosis. Whether the content is another Website, blog, article or here on RSR, I really think those of us in the CF community need to take advantage of the ability to "spread the word". The more people that are aware of what Cystic Fibrosis is the better and it increases the chance of getting support for our mission- a cure. If you are unaware of what exactly those icons mean, just click one and investigate a little- I promise it won't bite.
3. I just wanted to give all of you a sincere THANK YOU for reading this blog and your continued support. I promise that we are closer than ever to whipping this CF thing in the butt...I'm not even sure if that was used in the right context, but I know you guys are with me!

Without further ado, my post for Workout Wednesday...

Running has been going better than I could have ever expected. Now, EVERY run is at least 30 minutes long. In fact, my last run was 2.9 miles long which crushes my previous long distance of 2.25 miles. It took me just under 45 minutes (so if you're doing the math at home, I'm still incredibly slow) but I never ever stopped moving forward, and for me, that's what counts. About half way through the run my legs literally went numb and probably helped me push all the way through the finish line. For me, getting past the leg pain is half the battle, so when they go numb, I figure I'm ahead of the game. My numb legs and feet also "allowed" me to trip on a slightly raised sidewalk (don't you hate that?) and almost fall flat on my face, but that's another story for another time. Speaking of another story for another time, here's my teaser for my Friday Firsts post: For the first time ever, I was actually asked to stop running (in the middle of my run) by a complete stranger because I looked so "flush" as she put it. Stay tuned!

On a sad personal note: I was informed today that my grandpa in Iowa has been given about 3 weeks to live due to very aggressive and late-stage pancreatic cancer. I ask you to keep the family in your thoughts and prayers and that he will not experience much pain. Love you grandpa.