Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family, Great Weather and Golf

Every Thursday I like to write a post about things I am thankful for. This post will be mostly pictures as, what do they say? Oh yeah, pictures are worth at least a couple of hundred words :) I had a blast with my family out in San Antonio. My dad recently moved (back) there to work for the VA as a hospital administrator. He and my step-mom Denise recently (as in one week ago) moved into a new house in a really pretty neighborhood. I actually didn't spend too much time in it as we were on a golf course almost my whole time there (which was fine by me!). We did however have a family bbq with some cousins and my aunt and uncle who were in town. They were in town to go to the Notre Dame vs. Washington State football game (my uncle and cousins are HUGE fans of ND). All in all it was an absolutely great trip. Now I just hope to get my dad and Denise out to Arizona!

Little family portrait (Denise, Me, Dad)

Probably the coolest picture I took all week.

Golf course we played at the first day. It was settled in a canyon.

A super lonely golf cart.

This was the course we played at the second day.

We pushed a water stand over to lock my dad in the bathroom.

He asked nicely so we let him out!

My uncle Phil has "mad game".

This was the birdie put my dad choked on (sorry dad, had to do it).

A course with a view.

Pretty cool shot of my dad getting out of the bunker.

All of the rabid fans walking into the Alamo Dome to watch Notre Dame.

All of the band stuff was actually pretty cool.

So can you tell that I'm my father's son?