Monday, November 2, 2009

Who's That Lady? (Who's that lady?)

A lot of you have asked me various questions regarding Mandi, who she is and her role in my life. I've directed many of you to different blogs she has written, but I thought for those of you who have come on board to this blog recently, that I would make it easier for you. Please click on the links to get to know Mandi a little bit better.

What is Mandi: Relationships and CF
Where is Mandi: The Night We Met

There are many other blogs that Mandi has written if you haven't gotten your fill yet. Just go to the label cloud and check out Mandi Monday, girlfriend or relationships. If you ever have any questions for Mandi please don't hesitate to contact her through this blog or through her Facebook.

Here's a little look on what we do for fun...