Saturday, November 21, 2009

How Can I Simply Be Abby?

I often get emails asking for my opinion or advice on different topics surrounding the life of a CFer. Most of them I will answer directly and you guys never see them. Once in a while however, I get a question that I believe needs to be answered and addressed by the community. This is one of those times. I received this email yesterday by a high school girl named Abby (I changed her name for privacy sake). I know that many of us have been in this exact same position before and would have killed to hear the advice of other "older and wiser" CFers. I figured that the more insight she had on this particular subject the better. I also have a feeling that there are about 1000 "right" answers out there. Let's come together as a community and help this cyster out! Please read this short email and respond however you see fit. Thank you.

I have one question today.

You've inspired me. I wanna make the change in my life, to not let CF rule who i am, I let it define me and who i am way to often. I just don't know how to become simply "Abby" now that I've always been "Abby with that lung disease" .

Suggestions on how to change it ?

So, what do you guys think? How do you have CF without being CF? Is there a way to be different without being treated differently? I really appreciate you guys taking the time to answer this question!!!