Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Top Ten Foods I Order at a Restaurant

I thought it would be fun to construct a list about the top ten food items you will generally find me ordering anytime I go out to eat. One thing you may notice is that some of these items can be found on the same menu at some places. So what do I do when that happens? Well, I tried to put them in order from absolutely most favorite down to least (most) favorite. Luckily, there isn't many times that I am faced with such a large conflict :)

10. Reuben Sandwich- To be honest with you guys, I'm not even sure that I know what meat is actually on a Reuben. Here's what I do know however, I lover sauerkraut. This is generally my fall back order if nothing else on the menu looks good at the time. Oh yeah, I add a lot of yellow mustard too.

9. Turkey Club- This one is always a little touch and go. Sometimes these will come out and be huge disappointments, but other times they will totally hit the spot. I don't do any mayo on it however as I prefer yellow mustard and if I can get extra bacon (for free), I'll take that too.

8. Ham, Tomato, Spinach and Swiss Omelet- No place that I've ever been to actually has this exact omelet, so I often just do the ol' "create your own". I usually go light on the cheese and I can switch to cheddar or provolone on a moments notice :)

7. Shredded Beef Chimichanga (enchilada style)- If I go to a Mexican restaurant, this is what I'll get 9 times out of 10. If it's a restaurant that I've never been to before, it will be 10 times out of 10. If a Mexican place can't make a good shredded beef chimichanga, then I say it's "no bueno".

6. Chicken Tortilla Soup- This is the only thing I have ever gotten at a restaurant around these parts called Islands. They are known for their burgers, but they have all you can eat chicken tortilla soup for like 5 bucks. I've tried many many times not to get it, but it just ain't happening. I'll also order this wherever I am if it happens to be their soup of the day.

5. Fried Zucchini- I actually got hooked on these at University Medical Center in Tucson. The cafeteria used to have these on hand at all times, so I would go down with my food pass and order a bunch with ketchup and cheese (not mixed together) to dip them in. The hospital no longer carries them, so my tune-ups in the Hole just aren't the same anymore!

4. Chicken Caesar Salad- I wouldn't touch salad until about my Sophomore year of college. I thought that a bed of lettuce drenched in anything just wasn't for me. That is, until I gave caesar a chance. Now, I will ONLY get a chicken caesar salad at a handful of restaurants that I go to, namely Cheesecake Factory and California Pizza Kitchen.

3. Chili Cheese Fries- I LOVE chili cheese fries!! It really doesn't matter where they're from either, I'll eat them. This was another food item that the hospital USED TO carry and I fondly remember hanging out with the RT's in the cafeteria at around midnight scarfing down a couple orders of these delightful treats.

2. Chicken Parmesan- This is my go to at any Italian restaurant. It's good pretty much no matter what and I can't think of a time I was disappointed after ordering it. I love chicken. I love marinara sauce. Therefore, I love chicken parmesan.

1. Chicken Fried Steak (breakfast or dinner)- If I'm eating at a breakfast spot and they have chicken fried steak, you can almost bet your bottom dollar that I'll be getting it. If they have it at a dinner spot served with mashed potatoes and corn, you can count me in 99 out of 100 times. I think my obsession with cube steak breaded and fried goes back to my Furr's or Luby's Cafeteria days.

So that's it! How does your list compare? Is it as chicken heavy as mine?? I'd love you to fill me in on your favorites!