Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Ten Gifts I Wanted for Christmas

I actually wrote down the list of stuff that I could use or would want a couple days (December 21st in fact) before Christmas cause I thought it would be fun to see what I did or didn't get. Keep in mind, I actually didn't ask for any of this stuff. The only way anybody would have known would be through casual conversation or because they saw holes in my underwear :)

This list is in no particular order (gifts I received are highlighted):

Underwear- What do you know, I got underwear for Christmas! It's actually pretty funny why I received new chonies (can guys use that word?) as a gift. Mandi and her mom (Nancy) were folding laundry one day and Nancy held up a pair of my boxer briefs that had a baseball sized hole in the back and said, "Well, I know what I'm getting him for Christmas!" As they made it through the rest of the laundry it became pretty apparent that I needed some as I don't think I owned a pair without holes. Ventilation, right guys??

Germ Guardian- I've been using a baby bottle sterilizer to clean my nebs, but I was getting annoyed with how long they would take to dry. More than a couple of CFers have suggested the Germ Guardian (uses dry heat to clean baby toys) to me as a way to speed up the drying process. Guess what? I got one for Christmas!!!

Fizzy NAC- I've heard too many good things about Fizzy NAC not to give it a shot. I did not get any for Christmas, which would have been a complete shock if I had, so I will be ordering some sooner rather than later.

Hair clippers- Having a shaved head is one the the easiest hair styles around, but it still requires some up keep. My hair grows super fast so I really should be shaving it once a month. Problem is, I'm too cheap to pay 15 bucks a month to get my head shaved. We tried using a shaver that Mandi has, but I ended up having long hair, short hair and everything in between :)

Brita Water thingamajig- This is one of those things that every time I pass one in the store, I think to myself, boy, that would be nice to have. But again, cheap ol' me doesn't want to give up the 30 bucks to get one. I actually did end up getting one for my brother though as a present :)

Pots and Pans Set- Mandi and I like to cook (although we need to start doing it more) so we know that we're going to need some good pots and pans for down the road. Nancy and Eric (Mandi's parents) got her a nice Iron Clad set for Christmas!!! Nancy uses a website that carries imperfect sets for a fraction of the cost. We sent a couple back because the coating looked a little off, but they'll send us replacements shortly!!

Beach Cruisers- Mandi and I had such a great time riding beach cruisers in California that I figured it would be nice to have a set here. Plus, I'll be able to sneak in some exercise without really thinking about it. At some point this year I'll have to spring for some.

New shower head- My shower head has been duct taped on for quite some time now :) It actually doesn't bother me at all so I don't plan on replacing it. That's the joys of not having a wife around, just duct tape it and it's fixed! Won't be able to do that much longer!!!

Video camera- I didn't expect to get this for Christmas, but it's definitely something I want. I love to put videos on the blog and we'll need a nice video camera for CysticLife stuff. Mandi and I have talked about getting one for each other (we didn't exchange gifts so we could save money) so we may be doing that early on this year.

Cold weather running shirt- It's getting a little chilly outside (Arizona standards) during my runs, so I figured that a cold weather running shirt would be nice. I prefer to run with no shirt at all, but I tried that the other day and the cold wind stung a bit :) Time for a shirt!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention one other gift that I got for Christmas. My mom and step-dad got me a single serve coffee maker. The type that you put little capsules in for a single cup of coffee. They both know how fanatical I am about coffee, so it was definitely the perfect gift!!!