Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who Wants to Dream With Us???

Today is the day that Ronnie and I have dreamed about for what feels like forever. We have dreamed big and it feels so incredible to see our dream coming true. I could not be happier or more excited than I am today, to see where else our dreams will lead us. What am I talking about you ask? Let me back up and give you the full story so you can join in on our dream.

As most of you know, Ronnie and I have worked together for the last 10 months. In April of last year, Ronnie was asked by an incredible couple, the Gettels, to create a web site for the CF community. The charge was undefined, but the possibilities lit a fire under Ronnie unlike anything I have ever seen. His love for the CF community and his desire to support and encourage them fueled his imagination. Our life became one huge brainstorming session. This dream became a reality with the formation of an organization called CysticLife. And we were well on our way after assembling a dream team that consisted of Ronnie, two brilliant web developers, and his beloved (this would be me, Jezzabel prefers unemployment) to write, design and spread the word.

To us, CysticLife (CL) has become a dream not only for an organization, but for a community. CysticLife isn't just a new organization; to us, it's a new movement. We want CysticLife to be a place where people can come when they're down to be picked up, and a place to share your accomplishments when you're riding high. It will be a place to gain knowledge from your peers who have lived it and get it. CL is about becoming comfortable with who you are and what CF means in your life. It is about transforming the CF community into being their own cure. We want to give people the skills to manage their CF and take care of themselves. We want people to go through life with a smile on their face, a can-do attitude and the confidence to take on whatever challenges might come their way.

We have taken our first steps to making our dreams come true. Today, we launched, a social network (like facebook) made specifically for the CF community. On people can post blogs, ask questions, maintain a profile, contact others, and search members by age, location and relation to CF. This is going to be an incredible resource, and the best thing is...this is only the beginning.

We are super excited about this site and would love for you to check it out, and hopefully share in our excitement. We truly love and value each of you and your opinions. You never hold back on RSR when it comes to sharing what you think, so we're hoping you do the same for We know if you think it's terrible, you'll tell us like it is, and that if you think it's great, you'll join in our on dream. We're really shooting for the latter ;-) !!!

Oh my excitement I forgot to give you the link. Here you go: