Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pregnancy Test

We wanted to give you a little update. The hospital has been going very well. Ronnie is starting to feel a little better......OK JUST KIDDING. I'm sure most of you are tuning in to hear the results of our beta pregnancy test. So should I just cut to the chase or tell you the long, drawn out story of getting the results and then tell you? What's that you said? The long version with the results at the end. Ok!

Kidding again. I'll cut to the chase...we're pregnant!! Yup, that's right! All your prayers have paid off. We could not be more thrilled. In fact, I feel like a giddy little school girl every time I say the words, "we're pregnant!!"

So now here's the back story. We had a little inkling that I was pregnant Monday evening, when I could no longer stand the wait and I cheated and took a home pregnancy test around 6pm (see video below to watch us get the results from the home test). They say not to take a home pregnancy test because A. It's too early, so most likely it will show "not pregnant" and B. The trigger shot is the same hormone that you test for with pregnancy tests (test too early and you could get a false positive from the hormones being in your system from the trigger). I waited as long as I could, and then caved on Monday night (when supposedly the trigger shot would be out of my system. They say it takes 7-14 days...and Monday was day 15). Anywhoo. We got a positive pregnancy test (again, see the video to watch our reactions). We were excited, but trying not to get our hopes up, since a false positive was a possibility.

I took ANOTHER home pregnancy test Tuesday morning (cut me some was a two pack and I wanted to see if the first was a fluke). It too came back positive. So after that, I began feeling like a positive pregnancy test from our blood draw was a very real possibility. I felt confident the whole drive back up to Phoenix to my doctor's office. I felt confident until I walked through the door of the doctor's office. Suddenly, I could puke...and no, not from morning sickness, that hasn't kicked in yet. I was so nervous. "What if it was a false positive?" I thought. "I really blew it this time. I didn't manage my expectations AT ALL," I kicked myself (not literally). The blood test was over before I knew it. "That's it?!" I thought. "Our fate rests in that dinky little vial!?"

The drive back to Tucson felt long. I knew as soon as I got back to Ronnie, we would call and have the results. "They have to be positive." "They don't have to be positive" I went back and forth. Finally, after a 2 hour drive, I arrived at the hospital. We sat down together on the bed, dialed up the doctor, and prayed for the best. "Congratulations," Our doctor greeted us. "YEAH?!" We said. "Yeah, congratulations, you're pregnant. Your beta is 59.1, so you're definitely pregnant."

We can't thank you guys enough for all your prayers, well wishes and love these last few weeks. We felt so supported and knew that even if the results weren't what we hoped for, we'd still feel blessed thanks to all the love and support!

**Now, we do have to dampen this with "It's very early on." Most people wait to tell people that their pregnant until further into their pregnancy - once they're in the "safe zone". But since we've promise to keep you posted with the whole IVF process, we're keeping you up to date with the results too!! Please continue to pray for a continued, healthy pregnancy!