Monday, July 25, 2011

26 Weeks and Getting Big!

It's been a few weeks since I've given a baby and belly update, and I had a few people ask for belly shots, so I figured I could post about baby and put up the most recent belly shot.

I am 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and the pregnancy is still going very smoothly. Peanut is still growing (I assume because my belly is growing faster now (what feels like daily) and her kicks and flips are feeling bigger. According to, she is about 13.5 inches long head to heel and 1.5 lbs. She's growing into a legit little baby these days! Ronnie and I absolutely LOVE to watch peanut move around. Her movements are so big these days, I end up with crazy lumps and bumps. I love picturing what she must look like; what body part we must be seeing. Feeling her move has been the most enjoyable blessing of this whole pregnancy. I can't believe the bond I feel with this little nugget without ever seeing her, just by feeling her inside me. Sometimes I sit distracted for minutes on end watching all her movements. Such an incredible process and beautiful miracle!

As for momma, I am still feeling good and still able to be really active (which is priority numero uno for me...second, of course, to peanut growing and developing properly). I am still running 5 mornings a week - about 2.5-3 miles at a time, and then I do another form of cardio for 30-60 minutes in the afternoons, as well as lift 3 days a week. It feels great to be active. It gives me a sense of "normalcy." I feel a little more like myself, and a little less like a bloated, host-body to an alien. As you can see in the photo (below) I am finally getting a legit pregnant belly, and man it is crazy to see myself with a belly! I am having some cramping and discomfort as everything is growing and shifting, but nothing crazy. Peanut is sitting WAY low and seems to like nestling into the WAY outside of my stomach, so I often have a lot of pressure WAY low and WAY forward in my belly, as peanut uses the front of my uterus as a hammock. I'm not complaining though, the best part about it is that many times during the day I have a HUGE lump on one side or the other and can see exactly where she is all curled up, which makes me feel like I am so just closer to her somehow!

Also, I promised I would post my weight gain on the blog...sooo I will hold true to my word (GULP). I am currently up between 12 and 13lbs, depending on what I ate the day before. I must say, seeing the numbers climb isn't the best feeling in the world, but hey, it's all baby, right?!? (Insert smirk and eye roll here). We will see how the climb continues. I'm not sure what is "normal" at this point, but I think I am on track and unless something goes crazy in the next 14 weeks, I will likely land in the recommended 25-35 lb range.

That's about it...enjoy the photo!
Picture taken at 25 weeks (last Tuesday)