Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Sleep & Outrun CF

It's thankful Thursday time! We all have so much to be thankful for and we love to take this opportunity just to write down each and everything that comes to mind. Please take this time to share with us what you're thankful for as well. If you have a blog expressing your thankfulness, please share the link! Without further ado, here's what we're thankful for:

Mandi's List:
I'm thankful for generous and talented friends. As I mentioned in my Mandi Monday, we did maternity photos on Sunday. Thankfully, we have very talented friends, so I had a friend do my hair and another friend of ours took the pictures. Let me tell you, these ladies are VERY good at what they do, and they were sweet enough to "donate" their time for us and peanut!! I couldn't be more thankful for these ladies. They do great work, and our maternity photos will be awesome thanks to them.

I'm thankful for sleep. Lately I have been more sleepy. I generally fall asleep around 9:30 on the couch, get up to get into bed, and want to die when my alarm goes off at 6:30. Nothing feels as good as curling up in bed when you're super sleepy, so I am VERY thankful for sleep. Many people said that I'd have trouble sleeping towards the end, and besides the 3-4 bathroom trips during the night, I sleep like a rock...and for that I am THANKFUL!

I'm thankful for my hubby. My back has been a little sore the last week or so. It's not sore all the time, and not sore, sore, just more "tired feeling" if that makes any sense - it probably doesn't help that we've started lifted again since Ronnie's been out, and we lifted on back...buuut oh well :) Anyways, I'm thankful for my hubby who rubbed my back for a good 30 minutes the other night. He spoils me rotten!

Ronnie's List:

I'm so thankful for the response to the Fall edition of the Outrun CF Virtual Race. It's so awesome to see the community come together for a simple fundraising and awareness event such as this. Every time someone posts a picture of themselves in the new Outrun CF t-shirt, it puts a smile on my face. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, or are interested in hearing more and possibly registering, click here.
I'm thankful that I was able to get back to the gym this week. I'm even more thankful that I've been able to return at pretty close to the strength that I left. I think a lot of it has to do with just feeling better and having better oxygen saturation, but it always nice to not have a huge drop-off. Consistent hospital stays can start to get discouraging if it feels like it's two steps forward and three steps back in terms of exercise every time I go into the Hole. That definitely wasn't the case this time and I'm looking forward to seeing the progress until next stay.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to shoot maternity pics this last weekend. It makes it feel like Peanut is that much closer to coming and the thought of having her here gets me really excited. The photos were done by a good friend of ours, and judging by the previews she has given us, they are going to be fantastic. We'll be sure to post a couple here for all of you who are following this stage in our lives.

So, what are you thankful for today?