Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Home over the Hole

It is great to be back in the saddle again! My first weekend back was awesome and I got to do some of my favorite things - family over for dinner, lounged on the couch to watch a movie, college football Saturday, church and exercising. It couldn't have been a better "welcome home" weekend.

I thought I would just list the top ten reasons why I love being at home as opposed to the Hole. I'm going to do the first ten that come to mind, so I'm sure there will be some I miss.

Coffee from my own coffee maker - We lucked out and got a pretty spiffy coffee maker from a yard sale that had never been used. It's the kind that has the water tank on it plus grinds the beans right before the coffee is brewed. The coffee tastes super good and if I'm feeling frisky, I can even make myself a latte.

Walking around in my underwear - Ahhh, the simple joys in life. Maybe because it's hot or maybe because I'm just weird, but I love hanging out in my boxer briefs. I mean, isn't that a reason us guys buy our own place? No? I guess it's just me. Anyway, ask my wife, pants are optional in this household.

No late night vitals - It's never awesome to be woken up at 3 in the morning to get your blood pressure checked and your temperature taken. No such madness around here!

A comfortable bed - The bed at the hospital isn't terrible, but it's also not my own bed. On my own bed I have about 67 pillows and a pillow top - basically the closest I could come to recreating a cloud. The mattresses in the Hole are closer laying on the ground than they are laying on a cloud.

A shower bigger than a linen closet - I like big showers and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny. Can anyone guess what song that almost is? Anyway, my shower is big and powerful and I love it. Plus, I can always count on hot water and high water pressure.

My yard - While I get outside when I'm in the Hole, I still don't see much of nature. The hospital campus is made up of a bunch of buildings surrounded by a bunch of cement. Grass and trees aren't plentiful and there isn't a fruit tree in sight. What I love about being home, is finding all of that just a few feet out my back door.

My couch experience - There is no kicking back on a sectional with my feet propped up watching a big screen in the Hole. Instead, it's literally impossible to tell what the score is to any football game because the picture is no bad.

The gym - I do what I can in the Hole in terms of exercise, but it doesn't come close to what I can do at the gym. I got back to Spin class yesterday and loved every minute of it. I actually "took it slow" my first day back and still was sweating like crazy. Love it!

Cooking my own meals - There is only so much on the hospital menu. Plus, I really like to cook and the closest thing I do in the Hole to cooking is reheating left-overs. We've already made a couple of meals since I've been back and every bite seems to be better than the last.

Having my Jezzabel around - JBell really is man's best friend. She is so loyal and loving that it's crazy. When I'm in the Hole, I miss walking in the door and having my four-legged friend SUPER excited that I'm back. Plus, she goes on a hunger strike while I'm gone, so I'm always wanting to get back to her quickly :)

Well there you have it! So what about you? What are those things you love about being home that you simply can't get in the Hole?