Monday, September 26, 2011

A Weekend Out of the Hole

As you maybe saw (see last post) Ronnie busted out of the joint on Friday. We got home int the late afternoon and preceded to do was glorious! We lounged around on our couch and watched TV, made smoothies for dinner (which I had been dreaming about for a week), and just enjoyed being back home together. We then, of course, enjoyed a good night's sleep in our own bed - such an awesome feeling. I'm sure anyone can related. You go on vacation, you sleep at a friend's house, you visit your in-laws, regardless of where you're sleeping, there is nothing like coming home and sleeping in your own bed. Well after 3 weeks in a cot and hospital bed, we were excited to be back in our own bed.

Saturday was an errand running day. We made a grocery store run. Obviously 3 weeks not home leaves you with a very empty fridge. Then we ran to some clothing stores to find me an outfit for me to wear in our maternity photos (more on that in a second). As a result of this chore, I have now realized when you don't shop for clothes - when you're 8 months preggo and nothing fits. Needless to say, I bought only what was necessary and felt wayyyy better about the world when trying on shoes. Ever notice how that works? If you're not feeling sexy, you just buy're feet can still look good, right?! Unfortunately not totally true during pregnancy, as my feet often look more like paws than feet, but anything was better than trying to figure out what size and style shirt would fit my belly tight enough to see a bump, but loose enough to not look awkward. Anywhoo, I found a couple shirts that worked, so I was happy in the end. Ronnie even found some steals on sale that I convinced him to buy. So it was a success. Errands were followed by a relaxed night with Josh and Chrissy. We watched a movie and vegged out. It was fun getting to hang out again (it had been too long, since we were in Tucson).

So that brings me to Sunday...maternity photo day. I decided to treat myself to a little pampering for the photos. So I had a friend of mine (who also did my hair for our wedding) do my hair. Nothing crazy, she just blow dried it and added some casual curls. AND I had my makeup done (figured I can go all out since this may be the only time I do maternity photos). The photo session was a blast, as it was a friend of ours that took the photos, so it was casual and fun. She took photos of me, my belly, and of us together. I'm excited to see how they turn out...and we'll share some of them here when we have them.

So that's it..that was our first weekend out of the hole. And a crazy side note, we're 35 weeks, tomorrow, so it may be one of six weekends we have left (give or take depending on when Peanut decides she's done cooking). CRAZY!!!!