Monday, July 16, 2012

Mckenna Monday: Fun Weekend with Nana and Papi

This weekend we stayed at this house that I recognize, but it's not my own house. Two super cool people live there. Their names are Nana and Papi. I'm pretty sure they are my mommy's mom and dad, because Nana looks just like a mommy, and Papi looks just like my Uncle Josh. And that's how it works right?

I love getting to spend time with them. They are both so fun. Nana looks and sounds like my mommy, plus she does lots of things that my mommy does, so I warm up to her really fast. She makes lots of goofy faces, and does lots of funny things, so I laugh at my Nana more than anyone else. She also talks to me a lot, so I talk to her a lot. It's fun. I tell her stories and tell her all about what I'm doing. She also lets me try yummy foods. She likes lots of sweets, and if I look at her with my big blue eyes and get real close to her, she will give me little tastes. Whenever I can I crawl over to her and say hi! I kind of have figured out how to say "nana" but it sounds a little like "nini" I can't quite get it down.

My Papi is super cool too. He is really goofy also. He makes all sorts of fun faces and sounds. One of my favorite things about Papi is he has this fun toy that he lets me play with. It's this flat, rectangle thing that has a screen. I think it's called an iPat or something, so I pat it a lot. He has all these fun things on there that have animals and they make noise and when they make the noise, he makes the noise and we both really like it. He also takes me on adventures around the house. He carries me around the house and shows me all sorts of fun things.

I really like being at their house. There are so many things to explore and fun things to get into. They have a big bathtub outside, which is cool. I guess when you take baths outside you wear a special outfit, instead being a "nakey girl" as my mommy and daddy say when I'm in the inside tub. Plus, the water is colder in the outside tub than inside. But I like the outside tub because it's so big, and I get to float in this big lady bug and Nana and Papi, mom and daddy, and Uncle Josh and Aunt Kissy all play with me in their special outfits.

Well, I gotta go play with my elephant. It has balls that shoot out.