Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My CysticLife "Job"

Here's another question I get asked quite a bit, and until now, have kept the answer between me and the person asking the question. I figured that it's asked enough though that I should just put something here on RSBR in case any of you are wondering the same thing.

I always hesitated talking about this publicly, because I don't want any of you thinking that I'm somehow self-promoting or asking you to give me a pat on the back. I don't want any of you however ever to think that I have any financial interest in bringing CysticLife to the community and want to make clear my motives - to make an immediate impact on the lives that were born with the same genetic disease that I was, no more, no less. Anyway, hope this clears some stuff up for some of you.

For you. CL is your "job" even though I feel sure you don't look at it this was. How do you make money from this? Do you take donations ? I'm sorry if too personal. You help so many with all of your knowledge and your responses are so quick - I was just wondering if donations are what keep it going?? 

CL is my "job" in that I devote well over 40 hours a week to it, but I do not make a single dime. In fact, my family "lost" money last year running CL.

CL has a for-profit arm (the website) and a non-profit arm (grant program and educational materials). Every dime we make through the website, promoting surveys, videos, etc, goes directly to our web developers salary. If we don't generate enough business to cover his salary, then we cover it.

For our non-profit arm, 100% of the money taken in goes to support our educational materials and grant program. We don't even allow any of the money to be used to run CL. We do take donations, however, due to an issue with our 501c3, we've had to freeze that for now. I pray we will be back up and running shortly.

Most of our donations came from private donors who appreciated what we're doing. I'm hoping that continues so we can continue supporting the CF community.