Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outrun CF "Gobble Wobble" Virtual Race

I'd like to personally invite all of you to take part in this season's Outrun CF virtual race! CysticLife and the Rock CF Foundation have teamed up to put on this virtual event that ANYONE can participate in no matter WHERE you are! How cool is that?!?!

Here's the skinny -

Step 1 - Click here to register for the virtual race and to get more facts about the event. (You can also check out this blog to get another cyster's perspective on the event)

Step 2 - Spread the word! Share your commitment to the event with family and friends. Encourage them to sign-up and join you on race day.

Step 3 - Start training for the November 22nd virtual race (this can include, but not limited too - walking, jogging, skipping, crawling, eating better, jumping or doing nothing)

Step 4 - Get this awesome t-shirt (below) in the mail. You MUST register by today to be guaranteed your shirt by race day! You'll still receive a shirt if you register after November 1st, it just may not get to you in time for the race.

Step 5 - Get on and share with the community what you plan to do for the virtual race and encourage others to join. Share your training tips with CL and of course update your profile picture featuring your groovy new shirt!

Step 6 - On race day, November 22nd, throw your t-shirt on and head out the door. Walk, run, jog or skip your selected distance at your selected location. Take LOTS of pictures and post them on the Outrun CF Facebook Fan page (be sure to become a fan if you're not already) and you can also feel free to tag me in them (I love seeing the pics!).

Step 7 - Give yourself a pat on the back and a big bowl of ice cream for a job well done...after your Thanksgiving feast of course!!

**The money raised by this event is evenly split between the Rock CF Foundation and CysticLife Foundation. We both use the money to support our programs that support the CF community**

Sound like fun?