Friday, November 2, 2012

Blog from the road...Literally.

What I'm doing right now I would not suggest to anyone, nor would I recommend it. I'm on my way to the airport and I realized that I hadn't yet written a blog for today. Usually, I'll post a cute video of Mckenna, but much to my surprise we have not taken one lately.

So, I decided to do the next best thing and blog from the road. I'm currently driving down the interstate on my way to the airport.

I did not have the necessary blogger app to write this blog, so that was the first that I took in order to make this happen. After downloading the app onto my iPhone I was off to the races and now here I am talking to my phone while it writes my blog.

Isn't technology amazing? I'm pretty involved with that every day yet I still marvel about how awesomely cool it is. It's funny to think back to the times that we didn't have access to all of this technology. And of course my first thought is, "How the heck did we do anything?"

Let me stress again that what I'm doing is in no way say nor smart. In fact this probably makes me an even bigger idiot than I already am.

So with that said, and the fact that I'm approaching the airport, I'll close with this...

(Hopefully, the image showed up at my blog. I don't see it in the post, but I'm hoping it's there.)

PS - There may be a ton of grammatical and spelling errors in this blog. Please ignore them :)