Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ahhhh, Push It!

6:00am: I was super sleepy this morning and tried to convince myself to sleep in. It didn't happen. I was up later last night than usual due to the CF event and the fact that I had to get my American Idol fix when I got home. I did sleep like a rock, but it still felt like I didn't get enough when my alarm went off bright and early. My legs and feet were sore from the run yesterday, but, on the bright side, I didn't have a huge mucus ball come out of my lungs first thing this morning. Which I guess you wouldn't always know if it's a good or bad thing, but I'm taking it as good. That's because during my walk, my mucus was clear from the beginning and my lungs felt pretty open. I'm thinking that it was some lasting benefits from the run I did at the gym.

I plan on running to the gym later on today and I'm just hoping that my feet and shins hold up. I know that the more I run the better I will feel and I'm interested in how big of a snowball effect I can have if I run at least a little bit every day. Mandi would really like me to try and run .6 miles straight for like three days in a row. To me it sounds super duper painful, but I know that I will have to push myself to get the results that I want and accomplish my goals. Just like Salt n' Pepper say, "Ahhhh, push it! Push it real good!" (I just don't know what results they were talking about "pushing it" for).

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 37' 00"

Side Note: I forgot to add in what my oxygen saturation was at my clinic appointment the other day. It was 96% on room air. I'm generally used to 97-98% but I know that I got knocked back a little from this last infection. I obviously have more work to do, and I'm hoping to get my SATs up for my next clinic visit.

11:30am: I had a good day at the gym today and felt pretty strong. Not as strong as a couple of days ago, but I was able to get in a good workout. Today I did arms and abs. Let me just come right out and say it, ABS SUCK. I'm not even so sure I could ever get a six-pack and I'm almost positive that I wouldn't be willing to put in the work and diet necessary. Right now I have a one pack that is being propped up by a mesh I got inserted into my abdomen years back as a result of too many hernias. I'll keep on working though and maybe, just maybe I'll work my way up to a two pack. Current Weight: 189 lbs.

6:00pm: Mandi and I decided to switch things up a bit tonight and just do some sprints mixed in with some light jogging. We walked to a nearby school to do our workout on the grass, but the ground ended up being too uneven to safely sprint on. I could see me blowing out an ankle because I run over a gopher hole or something. That would not be very awesome. We ended up doing our "run" in the school parking lot.

We marked off 40 yards for our sprints and then stretched to loosen up a bit. After a 40 yard sprint at full speed, we would walk 80 yards so that I could catch my breath. Well, we did that pattern for the first 8 sprints, and then, of course, my lady changed it up to make it harder. For sprints 9 and 10 there was no rest. We sprinted number 9 and then jogged 80 yards into a direct sprint into number 10. After number 10, we took no rest and jogged back home. To say I was winded would be an understatement. I was beyond winded. My jog turned into a fast looking jog-walk at the end and felt at points like I was going to collapse. I'm glad I pushed through it and it definitely paid off. I was coughing up crap that was way down in there and when I finally caught my breath, my lungs felt wonderful. They were super wide open. I was taking in breaths deeper after my sprints than I have at any point in this last month. We'll just have to see if I can move my legs tomorrow!

Total Distance: .75 miles

Total Distance Run/Walk for Day: 2.85 miles

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OceanDesert said...

Sounds like you're doing great and in super shape!! That 96% on room air is dang good! I don't even remember the last time I hit that... pre-tx of course.. Now, I'm 97-100% :)

Do you mind me asking what your PFTs range from?

Do you go to PCH? I see O'Hagan and Gong ... just wondering!

Keep up the great work!