Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

7:30am: Today is definitely going to be a little different due to the Easter holiday. This morning, Mandi and I took J Bell for a quick walk just so she could do her business...Jezzabel, not Mandi. We wanted to run to Dunkin Donuts and enjoy the morning together, so we weren't able to go for a long walk. I'm hoping to take plenty of pictures during the day and post them for you guys later on. I love any holiday cause it means mucho family time and usually a board game or three.
As far as the lungs go...I was more crappy this morning than most. I didn't sleep very well and I found myself coughing a little bit throughout the night. I moved a ton of stuff up and out when I first woke up and also during the short walk this morning. It was clear for the most part or that kind of milky white color...fat free milk color to be exact. Hopefully I'll be able to get in a good long walk later on today and move more of this garbage out.

8:30pm: Well, I never did get a run/walk in today. I was too busy chasing around my little cousins and the 300 dogs that were at my aunts house. We played kick the can, freeze tag, duck duck goose, and a catch a ball falling off of the roof game. I was winded most of the time to say the least. I wasn't on my normal routine today, but I definitely got to breathing hard and expanding my lungs. Tomorrow is the big day! I have my PFT's at 10am....keep those fingers crossed.
Pictures from the day...
This is the family getting ready to eat Easter lunch.

Top: This is a bird's eye view of our dessert that we brought. It's called a dirt cup. Ground up oreos with chocolate pudding and gummy worms. We added the flowers to really spice it up!

Right: You can see the "worms" crawling out some of the "pots"

Pictures: Noah, Levi, and Ella all enjoying their dirt cups!

Left: No Easter would be complete without the Easter Egg hunt.
Bottom: Took them a little while to find the orange egg right in front of them

Side Note: What a great day with family this was!!!! I am exhausted and ready to hit the sack. I thank God for my wonderful family and of course His Resurrection on this joyous day!

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Katelyn said...

Good luck on your PFT! I'll be thinking of you and praying you do so well!

Amanda said...

good luck on the PFTs! I'm sure you'll wow your doctors after the last month of hard work :) said...

Thank you guys sooooooooo much for your support! Your prayers were answered, check out the blog I posted today to see the improved numbers!


Graciy said...

I love the dirt cups they looks so lovely and the kids looked like they loved them too!