Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Colorful Mucus

7:00am: I slept in a little bit cause I got to be later than normal last night. I slept like an absolute rock, but I kept on waking up with numb hands. I think it was from sleeping on my sides and crushing my shoulders to cut off the circulation. It used to happen to me all of the time when I was active in the gym, so apparently I'm doing something right! I coughed up quite a bit of mucus this morning which I think was a result of my sprints yesterday. To me, it looked like, and felt like, mucus that was way deep down in there and has been waiting to come out. Some of it was green, some yellow, some clear, and some even a little pinkish\rose in color. I haven't coughed up any blood since I was in the hospital so I'm thinking it's old or I had just a little slight tear in my lung yesterday.

On my walk this morning, Mandi and did a little longer of a loop than usual. It was very nice and brisk out so it felt good to get moving and get warmed up! J Bell has been doing a good job lately on the walks and is learning that she can't "mark her territory" every 20 yards. I do have to remind her once in a while with a little tug, but she is definitely improving. I was still coughing quite a bit of stuff up during the walk, but my lungs felt pretty open and I wasn't getting very short of breath. I think that I am continuing to improve everyday and I look forward to all of this hard work paying off...and in a lot of respects, it already has!

Total Miles: 2.3 Time: 41'33"

So the rest of the day really got away from me so I wasn't able to get in my workout or run/walk. I know, tisk tisk on me. I did however have a very productive day in other aspects of my life, some of which I'll be sharing with you guys very soon.

I'll get back on track tomorrow...promise.

Total Distance Walked for Day: 2.3 miles

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Katelyn said...

I wish I walked/ran everyday. I am inspired by your dedication to your physical fitness!