Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dead Legs

6:00am: My legs were absolute toast this morning! And in case you're wondering, that's a bad thing. I mean, I love me some toast, don't get me wrong, but in this case, not so much! I had about 75% less sensation in my legs when I woke this morning compared to the rest of my body. How do I know it was 75% less you ask? I ask you, "What's your favorite color?".

Sorry, I was just trying to distract you cause I have no idea how I came up with the 75% number. Anyway, just know that I was extremely tired and dead-legged this morning and the prospect of walking wasn't firing me up in any way, shape, or form. I finally convinced myself that it would be better for all of humanity if I got up and wobbled over to the sick to clear out my airbags. Same ol' same ol' there, thick, dark, and a lovely taste.

I actually brought up a lot more stuff than usual this morning on the walk. It was clear for the most part, which was good, it just seemed like it wouldn't ever stop coming up. It didn't help that my nose was full of junk either. I basically coughed or snorted the whole 2.1 miles and if I had to throw another number out it would be 1. I think I coughed and blew about 1 pound of mucus or snot out of my body so far today. How do I know it was 1 pound you ask? Just kidding.

The pace was good this morning and the weather could not have been better. I'd guess that it was about 65 degrees out without a cloud in the sky. The sun was shining bright yet there was a cool breeze. I'm so fortunate to have this weather in AZ. It definitely puts me in the best position to take care of myself. I can't use a crummy day as an excuse not to get my workouts in....ok, ok, maybe 5 days a year I can!

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 36'02"

12:00pm: I went off to the gym today to work my chest and back. I felt pretty strong and I was able to increase the weight or reps for almost every lift. I'm still doing 4 lifts for chest and 4 lifts for back. The only thing that I've added recently is doing one of those 4 lifts at a heavy weight and less reps. For chest I do bench at a heavier weight and do 3 sets of 5 reps, and for back I do upright row 3 sets of 5 reps. I've been doing this type of routine for 2 weeks now and I've been able to increase the weight on the lift every time.

After lifting, I needed to get my run/walk in because I'll be going to a CFF event tonight that starts at 6. Mandi and I wouldn't have time to get our run/walk in after she gets off from work. When I stepped on the treadmill I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I warmed up for about two minutes and then increased the speed so I could get into a run. I ended up running .4 miles straight before I had a little coughing fit and lost my air. I'm sure people in the gym thought I was infected with Bird Flu or something. The guy next to me kept on looking over with fear in his eyes. Oh well, just another day in the life. Anyway, after running the .4, I decided that I would walk for a bit and then do .3 straight. I did .3 at a higher speed than I did .4 and then I took another walking break. After catching my wind I decided to do .2 with the plan on doing .1 to finish. I did .2 at the highest speed yet, but with about .05 miles left I felt a bad burning sensation in my left shin and ankle. I pushed through it to finish the .2, but I was in some pain. Needless to say, I didn't end up doing .1 to finish and just walked to the nearest "even" number.

I ended up doing a total of 1.6 miles which I am very happy about cause I ran .9 of them. I can't really bend my left foot down without any pain, but I'm hoping some ice and rest will take care of that. I sweat today more than I have sweat at any time during the past 6 weeks. When I hopped off of the treadmill my lungs felt extremely open and overall I felt fresh. I will need to work the treadmill into my routine more often. Current Weight: 187 lbs.

Total Distance: 1.6 miles Time: 22'36"

Total Distance Run/Walked for Day: 3.7 miles