Friday, April 17, 2009

Upper Thigh Surgery

6:00am: So if I didn't know any better, I would bet you that the fairy surgeon came into my room last night and tried to operate on my upper thigh. It felt like I had 6 inch long incision wounds that had just recently been closed up, and unfortunately for me, I had no pain meds. I think this is all a residual effect from my sprints a couple of days ago. In fact, I would be willing to bet it is cause Mandi said that she is feeling the same pain in the same spot. The sprints felt awesome at the time, I just had no idea how I would pay for them later. Well, now I know, and lucky for my lungs, I don't care. I just have to suck it up and keep pushing.

My lungs felt a bit junky this morning and it is probably because my routine got thrown off yesterday. It's so important to keep up with whatever exercise routine you decide to do. I can tell when I have neglected to do all of my exercises on a previous day, and believe me, I don't feel as well as when I really stick to it. I was coughing up a lot more junk this morning than I have for the last week or so, and it was darker in color. I just think it is so so so so so important to stay on top of getting that mucus out of your lungs. As you've probably read before, I think that is what it is all about. It all starts with our stupid mucus. Remove the mucus and you remove most of our problems. Easier to breath, less infection, less irritation, less swelling, and the list goes on....bottom line: DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET THE MUCUS MOVING AND OUT OF YOUR LUNGS. Sorry for yelling, just got a bit excited.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 36'54"

1:30 pm: So of course today was leg (and shoulder) day at the gym, the day that my thighs feel like they were under the knife. I will say though, it didn't go as bad as I thought it might. My legs were definitely sore, but nothing that I couldn't push through and manage. I actually ended up increasing the weight by quite a bit on every leg lift I did and just decreasing the reps. That way, I didn't have to feel the pain for that long. I still got a great pump and really worked my legs hard.

My shoulders felt better today than they have for a long long time. They were much stronger today too. Maybe over the course of these last 6 weeks I've been able to strengthen the tendons and ligaments there in my shoulder. Just a thought. I hope I can continue to lift them hard cause I certainly don't want a "good sized" chest and arms and then be rocking little birdie shoulders. We'll have to see. I'll post an update picture soon so you guys can see if there is any noticeable difference between 6 weeks ago and now with regards to my body. If you want to actually call what I have a "body". Current Weight: 190 lbs.

5:45pm: Mandi and set out on our 3 mile walk knowing that we would not be running any of it. Well, at least I did. My legs still feel like they're tore from the upper half of my body and my left foot started acting up again today. I may try taking out my insole on that side and seeing if it makes a difference. It may just be that I lifted on my calves today and sometimes that stretches out my arches and makes them sore. We'll have to see how it is tomorrow. I really hope it's better for the Glendale walk cause I really don't want to be hobbling around.

I was able to get a up a decent amount of stuff on our walk tonight that was either light yellow or clear in color. Overall, my lungs are feeling pretty good, but I know that I have to start doing more physically straining activities to really make them work.

Total Distance: 2.1 miles Time: 54'27"

Total Distance Walked for Day: 4.2 miles

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OceanDesert said...

That's such great mileage you're putting in! It will for sure pay off and by the looks of your PFT's.. it already has!

My knees have been bothering me since the 1/2 so I'm hoping tomorrow's walk will work out!.. I say that cuz I may be walking more than running... ugh.

Look forward to meeting ya tomorrow!