Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top Ten Reasons To Get Married: Intro

I thought it would be fun for the next ten days to present the top ten reasons to get married according to AskMen.com and provide some commentary. First though, I'd like to start with their introduction into the list:

Top 10: Reasons To Get Married

Married men take a lot of shots in popular culture. Commercials, movies and sitcoms frequently represent married men as bumbling, ineffective, screwups, suffering under the judgmental eye of their all-knowing wives. Every day, married guys are told that they've given up their freedom or that they've been emasculated. But you know what? Married men don't actually mind all the ribbing. They can take the jokes from the media, and from all of their immature, misogynistic friends. They can handle it all because, in truth, they know they have it way better than the single guys do.

You may think that marriage is for suckers, but we’re here to give your head a shake. In fact, we’ll bet that most of you, if interrogated privately away from your binge-drinking bachelor buddies, wouldn't hesitate to admit that deep down you hope to get married someday. And that's a good thing, because being married is ultimately way better than being single. (www.AskMen.com)

I myself never had to be privately interrogated away from my friends to admit that I wanted to be married. In fact, amongst my friends, it was always just assumed that I would be married first. From a very young age I talked about having a family of my own and living that typical "American dream". Little did we know that it would take 30 years for me to sucker a woman into making that dream a reality. It's funny, I was just talking to Mandi about this subject the other day (sort of) and I'm not so sure it came out right.

It started by us talking about the craziness swirling around all of the wedding plans and the many things we had left to do. I somehow transitioned from that into saying it was crazy that we're getting married and then wondering (out loud mind you), "How did we end up picking each other over everyone else we've ever dated? I mean, I'm still trying to figure out how I came to the point where I said 'That's who I want to marry. Isn't that weird?'" So now that I type it out, I guess I can see why she had that somewhat bewildered look on her face. As I explained away my statement, which she understood what I was trying to say fortunately, I realized that we actually probably had very little to do with it. The ONLY explanation I can come up with is that God picked her out of the millions of eligible women out there to be my wife and for some reason He has entrusted me with that responsibility. To think I would be so lucky still blows my mind. We've both dated in the past, and we agree that we've both dated good people, yet it never turned into this. Something above and beyond our control is at work here and I just thank my lucky stars (God) everyday for giving me this opportunity. It's certainly one I don't deserve.