Saturday, May 15, 2010

Top Ten Reasons To Get Married: Partnership

Here goes, the number 7 reason to get married:

No.7 - Marriage prevents you from dying alone

Sure, you're on a hot streak right now, dating 20-year-old yoga instructors and bi-curious baristas, but we both know that's not going to last forever. How's being single going to work out for you when you're 60, when you have hair in all of the wrong places and no one can stand to look at you? Marriage is an investment in your future. Sure, you sacrifice some of your sweet single years, but in exchange you get to make a long-term investment in one person, building a deep, abiding love that has the potential to last a lifetime.

I feel like I'm getting a two-for-one on this number. Not only am I "making an investment" into a friendship that's going to last a lifetime, but I'm also getting the 20-year-old yoga instructor (she's 23 and doesn't teach yoga, but close enough :) ). I've never been worried about dying alone because I am surrounded by family that loves me, but to know that I'll now have my best friend, companion, lover and wife next to me through thick and thin brings me great joy.

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