Sunday, May 16, 2010

Top Ten Reasons To Get Married: Confidence

Here goes, the number 6 reason to get married:

No.6 - Marriage makes you more attractive

As our own Justin Prugh covered in his article, Why Do Single Women Like Taken Men, married men are more attractive to other women. Now, we're not suggesting that you should get married purely because it will make it easier to score with other women, but we are suggesting that marriage makes you appealing to the opposite sex. Because getting attention from beautiful women feels good, it's a confidence booster. Plus, when you go out with all of your single buddies, all of the hot women will be hitting on you. Who's laughing now?

Just when I didn't think that I could become any more attractive to the opposite sex I go and read this :) I'm pretty sure Mandi would tell you the last thing I need is a confidence booster, but getting hit on by "all of the hot women" doesn't sound too shabby. The way I see it, the more I ignore the droves of women heading my way, the more it confirms to Mandi how unbelievably stunning and perfect she is! Looks like everybody wins in this scenario. Am I missing something here?

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