Monday, May 17, 2010

Top Ten Reasons To Get Married: Financial Benefits

Here goes, the number 5 reason to get married:

No.5 - Marriage brings financial benefits

There are numerous financial benefits associated with matrimony. For starters, there are tax breaks for married couples as well as for families. Getting married might also mean getting access to things like her premium health insurance plan. Like it or not, society is designed to make life easier for married couples. If you're single, you're out of luck. That's another argument in our top 10 reasons to get married.
This one rings very true to Mandi and I. We don't have anything set in stone as of today, but we're working on getting her a job with great benefits, including health. As of right now, I'm considered a disabled dependent by the state and am therefore still covered under my mom's insurance policy. That all ends the day I tie the knot. Fortunately we have up to 18 months of COBRA to fall back on if need be, but we're hoping to hear back about a new job for Mandi this week. Let's keep our fingers crossed and the prayers flowing!!

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