Friday, March 4, 2011

Cystic Fibrosis Learning Center (CFLC) Continuum of Care Conference

If all goes well in here for the next handful of days and I continue making progress, I plan on being in New Jersey next week. I've been invited to take part in a newer CF conference and consider one of the main cogs behind the operation, a CF dad himself, a friend. For those of you near Jersey City, New Jersey, I invite you to check out the following information which has been taken from the CFLC website. I was not able to take part in the conference last year, but have spoken to people who attended, and heard nothing but great things about it. Please read the following and I hope to see you there!!

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The CFLC Continuum of Care Conference targets healthcare professionals from CF care centers, including the entire CF healthcare team as well as the center’s affiliated hospital staff (pulmonologists, nurses, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, respiratory therapists, and social workers). The target audience also includes family members/caregivers of patients with CF that will benefit from hearing real-life stories about other CF patients and learning about the latest therapies and techniques from CF healthcare professionals.

The 2.5-day Cystic Fibrosis Learning Center (CFLC) Continuum of Care Conference, sponsored by North American Center for Continuing Medical Education, LLC (NACCME), and developed with the experience and expertise of a diverse advisory board, is unique in that the conference features concurrent educational tracks – one for CF healthcare professionals and one for CF family members. The conference will encourage collaboration between CF healthcare professionals and families via collective sessions, including small group activities and "Ask the Expert" sessions.

Presented by some of the top experts in CF care, the 2010 CFLC Continuum of Care Conference healthcare professional track included sessions on: Lung Transplantation, CF Clinical Research, Exercise and Airway Clearance, and Resistant Bacteria and Infection Control, while the family track included topics such as: Reviewing the CF Diagnosis, CF Patient Rights At School, At Work, and Insurance, and Squeezing Airway Treatments into a Busy Day.
CF treatment does not stop at the clinical level and requires effective communication among the key players: the patient, family member/caregiver, and healthcare professionals. The CFLC Continuum of Care Conference is a unique opportunity for family members/caregivers of patients with CF to hear from thought leaders in the world of CF treatments, as well as interact with everyday healthcare professionals and other family members/caregivers sharing similar experiences. Discussions on the latest therapies that may improve the lives of those who suffer from CF and enhance the disease knowledge of the family members/caregivers are a complement to the comfort gained learning from other families in similar situations.

Attendee Testimonials

"[The 2010 CFLC Conference] was a great experience to not only go to the presentations, but to meet other family members. I look forward to attending next year..."
-- Erik Hudzik, Magnolia, New Jersey

"The entire conference was outstanding. The topics were broad and extremely interesting and applicable to CF life today!"
-- Bethann Deveney, Wilmington, Delaware

"From the “Chairman Welcome" to the final presentations two and a half days later, vital information was echoing through every hall...This conference was not only invigorating, but it was extremely beneficial."
-- Ruth George, Wethersfield, Connecticut