Monday, March 7, 2011

Pregnancy and Hospital Update

Man, this week has flown by. I figured I'd just give a little update. This week has been uneventful. Ronnie's still in the hole getting all tuned-up, and I have just been working and enjoying his company after work. We have started getting back into a little bit of a workout routine (at least our typical hospital workout routine), so we go for 2-4 mile walks each day, Ronnie runs (I still am not running because I'm still bloated, so my ovaries are probably still pretty swollen/enlarged) and then I've been riding the exercise bike in Ronnie's room for 20-45 minutes a day. It's felt great to get back into a bit of a workout routine.

Which brings me to my pregnancy update - I am thankful that I still have the energy to work out. I am pretty wiped out by about noon each day, and my body wants to nap, but if I get up and move around a bit, I can wake up long enough to finish the work day and get back to the room. I try to get in my workout before I get too comfortable, or I probably wouldn't get back up. Surprisingly, my workouts wake me up and give me a pretty good second wind, which keeps me up until around 9:30 - then it's doze off time during our typical evening TV watching. I haven't had any morning sickness yet. I've read that most people have morning sickness set in around week 6 or 7 (if they have it at all), so I'm anticipating I'll likely start not feeling so great in the next week or so (I'm 6 weeks on Tuesday). I'm getting a little tired of the Progesterone shots (which I'm on for another 2 weeks from Tuesday). My butt is a little sore, but it's certainly become pretty routine, so it's not too bad. We've been taking belly shot photos, which I'll start posting next week, but they're a little skewed because I look about 3 months pregnant from my bloating - which is starting to go down! YIPPEE. For you ladies out there who may be wondering, I will be posting (starting next week) my belly size and weight (GULP) if anyone's curious how my body is changing. As of Tuesday (our 6 week mark) we'll be the proud parents of one or two lentil(s) - they've grown a ton in just one week!

I'll be honest, I'm really ready to have Ronnie get out of the hole this time. I don't know what it is about this hospital stay, but I've been ready to get back into "normal" life more than I ever have (normally I'm not in a rush at all). I'm not sure if some of it is because things were so wacky the 2 weeks before we came in for the tune-up, as I was so sick from the egg retrieval, sleeping on the couch, unable to really eat normally, not exercising, etc. So we have been out of our "normal" routine for longer than usual between the IVF stuff and the hospital stay. I am so looking forward to getting back into our gym and run/walk routine, dinner routine, sleeping in our bed together, all those little things. I love the hospital time - the time with family and the unique time together - but I'm just ready for a little routine back into our lives (sans nurses, PCTs, and RTs coming in every hour.) I will say this though, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching Chuck seasons, Dunkin' Donuts Saturday and Sunday morning, yummy meals prepared by Ronnie's mom, and time spent with family - that I am not looking forward to leaving behind.