Sunday, May 17, 2009

Encouraging Words from Friends

8:30pm: Today was another unusual day in Sickboy land. I did get to the gym to do arms which was nice, but I didn't get any cardio in besides a .5 mile dog walk. I think overall it was a good thing though cause my foot has been bothering me all weekend and staying off of it was probably the best thing I could have done. Tomorrow I'll be back on schedule and pushing it to the limit as always. My lungs have felt good the whole day though so that's definitely a huge blessing. I also had A LOT of friend time this weekend which was really good. With such a busy schedule, my friends usually get the short end of the stick. I generally only have 1 to 2 hours of free time a day and if it doesn't fall in line with my friends free time then we don't get to see each other. This weekend I was able to hang out with about 15 different friends and do a lot of catching up. Some of them hadn't seen me since I've been out of the hospital and they all had very encouraging words about how I looked. Most of them just said I looked to be in good shape and an overall "healthier look". I must admit, it feels good when people notice the change and comment on it. It gives me some added energy for the workouts and an extra boost to get up early in the morning and tackle the day ahead. So to all of my friends out there reading this, Thank you so much for your encouragement and I promise that this is just the beginning. Continue to send your thoughts and prayers this way as they are much needed. That's all I've got. Good night.

Total Distance: .5 miles

Total Distance for Day: .5 miles