Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Video of the Day- Barbie Girl

Back by popular demand...yet another installment of cross country music videos.

Enjoy!!! And just so you know, I had to learn the words, I didn't already know them. That would be sad. Then again, maybe me taking time to learn the words is the sad part.

4 people had something to say...:

OceanDesert said...

You guys are toooo funny ... :)

Natalia Ritchie said...

Yeah right you didn't know the words!! Although somehow I know the words, how is that possible!!

You guys are awesome, you should do requests!!

Jamie said...

I am in Phoenix...we moved here in Nov. 2008. I really like it here. We will be here untill my husband graduates in May/June 2010. By the way good job on the running. I ran track in high school & enjoyed it..just not the shin splints :)

Piper said...

i don't know what's more ridiculous, that you took the time to learn the lyrics or that you decided to share this with the rest of the world ;)

on the plus side, your girl has some mad barbie dancing skills. clearly you two make quite the team.