Friday, May 22, 2009

Sleeping in the Rain!

7:30am: So I actually woke up at 6am at first, but it was raining and J Bell wasn't going to be getting her walk in that, so I decided to sleep in. It felt AMAZING to do so, but I did feel guilty about not rolling out of bed and going to the gym instead. Oh, well, things happen. I love laying in bed listening to the rain and eventually falling asleep to it. I felt so refreshed when I actually got out of bed. My morning was full of breakfast and work. I was also planning out a weekend with my brothers who were heading up today. I know that my schedule is going to be thrown off slightly while there here, but I wouldn't have it any other way. They are fully aware that I still need to take care of myself while we're having fun and hanging out and they support that 110%. It brings me great joy to be able to spend time with them.

12:00pm: After hours of work I finally got to the gym. I went to a different one than I am used to going to on the other side of town and it ended up being a real good experience. The LA Fitness I went to today is newer than my regular gym, so I got to use new equipment that I haven't used before. They seemed to target some of my muscles differently and I have a feeling I'll be very sore the next couple of days. I lifted on my chest and back and was able to increase the weight on almost every lift. I've also started doing my push-ups at a decline which seems to really work the pecs like crazy. I just want to continue to push myself and make my body work and never get too comfortable. I'll be taking off the rest of the day to spend time with my little brothers (who are both taller than me) and just enjoy their company. Current Weight: 184 lbs.

Side Note: Since I know all of you love my movie reviews, I'll give you one. I went and saw the new Terminator movie tonight. Let's just say that it's a two hour long movie that's about 90 minutes too long. It felt like the thing went on for 4 hours. About half way through my ear drums started bleeding because of the crazy loud fighting and shooting scenes. The movie had good action, but apart from that was actually kind of pointless and predictable. Just my 3 cents.